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POLI 384 Transnational Feminist Politics (1)

Many feminists try to think, dialogue, and organize transnationally. This raises challenging questions: Is there a global sisterhood of women? Can feminists promote solidarity across divides of class, race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and language? And should feminists question these categories of analysis? This course asks students to critically examine these questions through case studies on topics related to imperialism and colonialism; war and genocide; the international human rights movement; campaigns against violence; and the global economy. The course will examine the emergence of transnational feminism as interdisciplinary field of study, introduce students to key concepts such as identity difference, solidarity, and intersectionality, and explore major debates surrounding transnational feminist activism, theory and praxis.

  • Prerequisite: Any WGS course or POLI 214, 216, 218 or consent of instructor.
  • Offering: Alternate springs
  • Instructor: Koomen