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Course Listings and Numbering

The faculty reserves the right to add and delete courses, to make changes in course content and to make other curricular changes at any time.

Course numbers are an indication of the relationship of the course to the total College of Liberal Arts curriculum. Courses are numbered according to this scheme:

010X-099X Exercise science, forensics, Model United Nations, theatre, and music activities courses. No extra fees charged if addition of one of these courses constitutes an overload. Note also that credit may be earned for only one exercise science activity course in any given semester.
100-299 Courses generally suitable for freshmen and sophomores
300-495 Courses generally suitable for juniors and seniors
496-499 Senior year experiences
W Writing-Centered
EV Examining Values
CA Creating in the Arts
TH Thinking Historically
IT Interpreting Texts
NW Understanding the Natural World
US Understanding Society
QA Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning