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Transfer Credit

Students may apply a maximum of 16 transfer credits toward a Willamette degree. In most cases, courses taken at regionally accredited colleges or universities will receive full credit if they are comparable to courses offered at Willamette. Courses with grades below a C- (C minus) will not receive credit. Transfer courses are not used in computing the Willamette University grade point average. Six quarter hours or four semester hours of transfer credit equal one Willamette credit. Students must submit a Transfer Credit Request form prior to enrolling in proposed transfer courses.

Students admitted with an Associate of Arts degree from an accredited community college will be automatically granted 15 Willamette credits (junior standing) upon entrance. Students transferring from Tokyo International University (TIU) in the Scholarship Exchange Program will be automatically granted 16 Willamette credits (junior standing) upon entrance. In both cases, satisfaction of specific general requirements and major requirements will be determined on the basis of a course-by-course evaluation of the transcript(s). At least 15 degree credits must be earned in residence at Willamette University. Additionally, at least 8 of the final 10 degree credits must be earned in residence or in Willamette-approved off-campus study programs. Passed Faculty Meeting April 9, 2013.

*A minimum of three MOI credits must be earned while in residence at Willamette University. Satisfaction of particular MOI requirements by transfer will be approved only in cases where such courses are reasonable substitutes for approved Willamette University MOI courses.