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Civic Communication and Media

How can communication effect social change? What are productive ways to argue about the right thing to do? How do media shape our identities, actions, and communities?

Through innovative courses and experiential learning, students and faculty in Civic Communication and Media engage questions such as these. As we study and enact modes of communication that shape public life, the Civic Communication and Media program develops engaged citizens who are prepared to lead in the information age.

Students and faculty in the Civic Communication and Media department are fascinated by the role of communication, media, and technology in our communities. Together we delve into theories and case studies that range from Aristotle’s Rhetoric to #blacklivesmatter, in order to understand dynamics of communication. Through research and experiential learning, Civic Communication and Media students become thinkers who recognize the available means of persuasion, practitioners who work in multiple media, and leaders well prepared to address contemporary issues.

The Civic Communication and Media department, formerly known as Rhetoric and Media Studies, is housed in the College of Liberal Arts, where it serves the educational needs of students and the university community through award winning teaching, research and service. On the vibrant Willamette campus, the Civic Communication and Media department maximizes its location in Ford Hall, a welcoming and technologically advanced LEED Gold building directly across the street from the Oregon State Capitol and the Oregon State Supreme Court.

Learning extends far beyond the classroom for Civic Communication and Media students, who have opportunities to intern at leading communication and technology firms, design persuasive campaigns for local organizations, uncover social movement history through archival research, create and lead community courses, and actively participate in state government.

We invite you to learn more about the Civic Communication and Media department by exploring our web site, and we hope you will connect with us on campus or via social media.