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Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal

Vexillum:  The Undergraduate Journal of Classical and Medieval Studies                                                      

Brown Classical Journal: An Undergraduate Journal in the Classics

We welcome submissions of essays, original poetry, translations from the
Greek and Latin, art work, or original photographs on a classical theme,
from any undergraduate with an interest in the classics. Although we
anticipate that the bulk of accepted submissions will focus on
Greco-Roman antiquity and on the traditions of classical antiquity in subsequent
eras, we also welcome submissions that treat the cultures of any ancient
society, East or West.


The Classical Journal of Denison University, is publishedonce a year and seeks to offer an opportunity for those interested inClassical Studies to publish their scholarly work in an undergraduate forum. Itpromotes the coming together of history, literature, philosophy,religion, art, and architecture in a way that is both analytical and creative. Asis an objective of the Classical Studies department, Ephemeris fosters anattitude about and an appreciation for criticism and interpretation ofthe classical civilizations.

Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal

Canadian Journals:


A journal by the undergraduate and graduate students of the Classical Studies Society at Dalhousie University and the Universityof King's College.

Hirundo, the McGill Journal of Classical Studies

Hirundo seeks contributions from students and alumni related to the ancient Mediterranean world broadly defined. Essays on Classical art and literature, ancient European and Near Eastern history from the prehistoric through late antique periods, religious studies, ancient philosophy, and the Classical tradition are welcome. Essays accepted in French or English. Hirundo is an annual publication.