Computer Science

From numbers, text and graphics to interactive animations, gaming strategies and proof systems, Willamette’s computer science curriculum is designed to develop students’ capacity to use computing to answer questions and solve problems. Diverse courses and interdisciplinary opportunities sharpen critical thinking abilities and prepare students for a lifetime of learning in a rapidly changing environment.

Programming and object-oriented design are just the beginning. Mid-level courses cover the structure of computers, the languages that control them and the mathematics of key algorithms. In upper-level courses, students work closely with faculty members and Willamette’s welcoming community of fellow students to delve into more specialized areas of research. Through a capstone senior project, CS majors demonstrate their creativity and skill in computing.

To learn more about the department, student opportunities or current issues in computing, stop by our weekly CS Tea on Thursdays in Ford Hall’s academic hearth.

You can also view a graphical version of the Computer Science Department's offerings.