Course Selection & Registration for First Year Students

As an enrolling student, the first thing you need to do is to set up your Willamette email account. Most of the communications you receive from Willamette during the summer will be sent via email to this account.

Once you have a Willamette account, you should visit the College Colloquium web site and submit your preferences for enrollment into a section by May 15. Based on the preferences that you submit, the Registrar will enroll you in a Colloquium section and inform you of your assignment May 31. By June 1 you should also complete the Advising and Course Registration Questionnaire online.

After June 5 we will begin contacting students who've submitted both their Colloquium preferences and the Advising and Course Registration Questionnaire to schedule an advising and registration appointment in June or early July.

Next, proceed to Registration and Requirements Overview to learn how to enroll in your other fall courses beyond College Colloquium. You must be enrolled in a College Colloquium and have submitted the Advising and Course Registration Questionnaire to register for additional classes.

Registration Checklist

Step 1

Set up your Willamette email/network account using your student id. Online instructions

If you will not have Internet access for extended periods during the summer, please contact Summer Registration at (503) 370-6573 or and provide alternate contact information.

Step 2

By May 15, 2017 submit your College Colloquium preferences. Register online

We will accept preferences after this date but your choices may be limited. If the web submission is closed contact Summer Registration at (503) 370-6573 with your preferences.

Step 3

By June 1, 2017 you need to complete the online Advising & Course Registration Questionnaire.

We will accept Questionnaires after this date but a registration appointment may not be made until submitting it.

Step 4

After June 5, 2017 (if you've completed steps 1 through 3) a registration counselor will arrange the advising and registration phone appointment.

  • Colloquium preferences and Questionnaire must be submitted prior to making an appointment
  • We will contact you using information given in the Questionnaire beginning June 5.

Step 5

Choose potential fall courses beyond College Colloquium beginning with the Registration and Requirements Overview.

Step 6

Take Foreign Language Placement Test as soon as possible, June 5 at the latest.

Online language placement exams (except German) will be made available after May 15. The online placement test for German is available now.

We will accept placement results after June 5, but we determine the number of seats needed by the first week in June using the placement results.

Step 7

If you are planning to take a math class, read both the Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning Requirement and the Mathematics Placement web sites as soon as possible, June 5 at the latest.

A math class in your first semester may not be required, depending on the majors you are considering.

Step 8

Find out your College Colloquium assignment by checking your Willamette email account.

Step 9

Between June 5 and early July register for your remaining fall classes during the summer advising and registration phone appointment.

Step 10

Regularly log onto your Willamette email account to check for schedule updates or information from other offices at Willamette.