Laura Taylor

Associate Professor of Economics

Professor Taylor attended Goucher College as an undergrad, where she received Bachelor Degrees in both Economics and Russian. Prior to completing her graduate studies, Professor Taylor worked for several years as an investigator at the Chicago Board of Trade. She attended DePaul University for her Master’s in Economics, and received her PhD in Economics from Colorado State University. For her dissertation, she completed an ethnographic field study in Krasnodar, Russia where she studied how households were adapting to the change from the Soviet planned economic system to the current market-based system. Professor Taylor’s current field of research is in the area of forensic economics.

At Willamette, Professor Taylor teaches both Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics, as well as Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, Comparative Economic Systems and the Senior Seminar. She is also affiliated faculty with the International Studies Program, and contributes to the International Studies Senior Seminar.