Indicators of Achievement

The Environmental Science program seeks to encourage students to develop an appreciation of the importance to life and society of the natural and humanized environment in the past, present, and future; an understanding of nature's integrity, including both natural and human processes affecting environmental change; insight into basic causes of, and possible solutions to, important environmental problems; and skills for defining and furthering environmentally sound action. Attainment of these goals requires grounding in several disciplines as well as integrative study of environmental systems, environmental ethics and institutions. To accomplish these interdisciplinary objectives, the Environmental Science program requires students to complete core courses in a variety of disciplines and to supplement the breadth of the core with upper level courses offering greater depth in either the natural or social sciences.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students demonstrate a mastery of a body of factual material that provides a solid foundation in environmental science (achieved through the successful completion of core courses in biology, chemistry, environmental science, geography, geology, politics and economics)
  2. Students demonstrate knowledge and an ability to apply traditional analytical and problem–solving tools that are disciplinary in nature (achieved through successful completion of upper-level coursework in either natural science or social science emphasis)
  3. Students recognize the integrated contributions of both science and social science fields to analysis of environmental issues (achieved through the required completion of courses from across the liberal arts curriculum and through the senior capstone thesis project)
  4. Students demonstrate the ability to pursue interdisciplinary research, prepare and undertake a substantive research project, and communicate results using appropriate language (achieved through the integration of attained knowledge, research and analysis required for the senior thesis)