Senior Paper

During the senior year each Environmental and Earth Sciences major completes a thesis. An original piece of research, the thesis is an interdisciplinary study of nature and human impact on nature demonstrating a familiarity with relevant literature and methods of analysis both within and across disciplines. A list of completed theses by year is below. You may either scroll down or click on the year to view a thesis. Electronic versions are available on the Academic Commons website.

Bailey, Javan
Change in Abundances of Marine Invertebrates in the Rocky Intertidal Zone Along the Oregon Coast

Barnes, Samantha
Using Dendrochronology to Determine the Quality of Timber and the Corresponding Economic Value of Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas-fir) at Zena Forest, Oregon

Bernstein, Kevin
Using LiDAR to measure Biomass and Carbon Sequestration at Zena Forest, Oregon

Burke, Emily
An Analysis of the Habitat and Aquatic Insects as Factors in the Decline of Wild Cutthroat Trout in the North Santiam River, Oregon

Compton, Emily
Greening the Curriculum: A Case Study of 10 Universities

Cyra, Keller
Study of Endangered Lupine Habitat Near Salem, Oregon as a Linked Migration Habitat for Fender's Blue Butterfly

DeHaas, Larissa
The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Blue Mussel (Mytilus trossulus) Within the Puget Sound

Dimock, Lauren
The Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Pacific Herring Spawning Sites in the Yaquina Bay, Oregon

Edwards, Theresa
Avian Community Composition in Relation to Tree Canopy Cover in Oak Habitats: Case Study at Zena Forest in Salem, Oregon

Faunt, Matthew
Urban and Community Forestry: A Comparison of Annual Benefits in the Northeast Neighbors and North Lancaster neighborhoods in Salem, Oregon

Gildehaus, Stevie
The Dendroclimatological Potential of Willamette Valley Quercus garryana

Givens, Genora
A Perfect Storm: Vanport City, Geographic Hazards, and the Creation of Social Vulnerability

Gratz-Weiser, Morgan
Bottle or Tap: Is Bottled Water a Necessity On Willamette University's Campus?

Hash, Meagan
Trapping of the Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) in NW Montana: An Analysis of Trends to Improve Efficiency

Henken, Lauren
Growing the Benefits: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Youth Garden Programs in Reconnecting Youth to the Outdoors and Promoting Healthier Eating Habits

Huecksteadt, Max
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Retrofitting Willamette University Parking Lots with Porous Pavement

Jensen, Erica
Bon Appetit at Willamette University: Carbon Emissions Associated with the Transportation of Produce

Johnston, Josephine
Perceptions of Climate Change Among the Blackfeet and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Western Montana

Kime, Gabe
Turning Back The Tide: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Retrofitting the Spark's Athletic Center with a Rainwater Harvesting System

Laird, Tommy
A Pre-Colonial Record of Fire History in the Mid-Willamette Valley from Clear Lake, Oregon

Litke, Emily
Use of Technology in Determining Irrigation at Willamette University's Zena Farm and Nearby Willamette Valley Farms

Lukas, Michael
A GPR Characterization of the Linn Gravels Formation and Pleistocene North Fork Santiam River in Salem, Oregon

Long, Adam
The Relationship Between Stand Age and Annual Carbon Uptake in Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) at Zena Forest, Oregon

Noll, Brayton
Sense of Place: Improving Place Understanding at Bush Park

Pfeiffer, Kate
Measurement and Analysis of Stormwater Quality in a Subsurface Gravel Wetland

Pranger, Kory
Water Quality Analysis of the Pudding River, OR: What Role Does Farming Practices Play in Nitrate and Phosphate Concentrations in River Water?

Roche, Alzada
Big Maps and Little Mushrooms: An Application of Public Participation GIS and Ethnographic Methods to Document Non-Timber Forest Product Use and Users in Salem, Oregon

Smith, Heather
Agri-Food Education in Elementary Schools: Developing Methods for Integrating Agri-food Education into Existing Elementary Curriculum

Smith, Travis
The Judicial Framing of Radical Environmentalists Pre and Post September 11th, 2001

Sproul, Alexander
Rapoport's Rule: An Empirical Study on the Applicability to Select Western Hemisphere Avian Species

Till, Alisha
Modeling Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in Pringle Creek Watershed, Oregon

Tucker, Summer
Investigating of a Potential Organic Food Desert in Salem, Oregon

Warner, Reed
Analysis of the Success of Riparian Restoration Projects on the Salmon River Since the Implementation of the Oregon Plan

Wright, Marissa
A Case Study in Salem, Oregon: Valuation of Ecosystem Services In Urban Forestry

Anderson, Emily
Environmental Implications of Food Waste: Analysis of Waste Associated with Snack Served During Tiger Club at Bush Elementary School, Salem, Oregon

Bower, Anna
Restoration of Lupinus albicaulis at Zena Forest

Brown, Emily
Water Quality as an Indicator of Environmental Injustice in Salem, Oregon

Clarke, Anne
The Social Construction of Nature and its Projections onto Media Portrayals of Ants: A Study of Audience, Media Type and Social Context

Colburn, Philip John
Potential Wetlands at Zena Forest: A Soil Characterization Study

Conley, Travis
Feasibility of Applying a Residential Wind Turbine Array to a Community-Level Grid

Crecelius, Elena
Examining the Potential for Bicycle-Sharing in Salem, Oregon

Faciszewski, Kara
Oak Savanna Restoration at Zena Forest: Correlating Soil Properties with Native and Non-Native Vegetation

Griggs, Marilea
Farm to School in the Salem-Keizer School District

Gustin, Andrew
Retrofit or Demolish: The Rising Debate in Green Design

Jackson, Aaron
Baseline Survey of Herptofauna Biodiversity at Zena Farm and Forest, Oregon

Katz, Sarah
Claggett Creek Watershed Council: Successful Recruitment, Retention, and Management of the Oregon Watershed Council

Keough, Austin
Oak Savanna Restoration at Zena Forest: Correlating Soil Properties with Native and Non-Native Vegetation

Lange, Zachary
Roughskin Newts in the Willamette Valley: Land-Use Effects on Distribution and Habitat Permeability

Osborne, Ariel
Sustaining Ecosystem Enhancement Efforts in an Urban Landscape: A Case Study of Shelton Ditch, Salem, Oregon

Tobey, Elizabeth
Too Much of a Good Thing: Agricultural Runoff and Nutrient Pollution in Salem's Streams

Westermann, Kaileigh
Gray to Green: The Color of Stormwater in Salem, Oregon

Woolaway, Elizabeth
Ness of Brodgar: Structural Analysis of Structure 10 Hearth

Giombolini, Katlyn
From Turf to Table: (re) Transitioning from Grass Seed to Grain Production in the Willamette Valley

Lowell, Krystal
Expanded Photovoltaic Feasibility at Willamette University

Westphal, Luke
A Pilot Project for Stream Enhancement of a Reach of Shelton Ditch

Sunken, Stacey
Assessment of Spring Valley Creek Headwaters as Habitat for Local Sensitive and Threatened Aquatic Species

Ninneman, Alexandra
Fish Passage and Habitat Restoration: A Study of Fish Passage Barriers Along Spring Valley Creek

Dunne, Jonnie
Effectiveness of Winter Cover Crop Treatments in Suppressing Weeds

Gonzalez, Ciara
Anthropogenic Disturbances to Mill Creek, Salem, OR

Bennett, Jeffrey
Water Quality Issues and Flood Mitigation: Multiple Use Design for Urban and Environmental Health Planning within the Battle Creek Water-shed

Lugg, Mary
Avian Biodiversity: Comparing Avian Abundance and Diversity According to Stand type at Willamette University's Zena Forest

Wentworth, Andrew
Heavy metal accumulation in bioswale soils in Salem, Oregon

Schlegel, Sheridan
Pesticide Use Among Oregon Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers: An Examination of Health, Risk Perception and Agency

Pryce, Sarah Whitney
Pilot Study using X-Ray Florescence

Johnson, Luke
Examination of Select Riparian Zones at Zena Forest, Oregon

DiNovi, Sara
Environmental Education at Zena Forest: A Place Based Approach to Ecological Restoration

Turner, Nichole
Storytellers and Science

Stonebraker II, Peter
Rainwater Harvesting and Sustainability at Zena Forest

Wright, Albert
An Economic and Biogeographical History of Heirloom Apple Trees at Zena Farm

Barta, Kirsten
Species Risk Assessment for the Eurasian Collared Dove (Streptopelia decaoto)

Henry, Jason
Examining the Role of Colluvial Processes and Slope Movement in the Distribution of Archaeological Material

Sullivan, Marleta
Restoring Native Species Composition of Upland Pairire Ecosystems of the Willamette Valley

Strandberg, Lukas
Evaluating Willamette University's impact on the Mill Race: A preliminary investigation

Diehl, Dorothy
Reducing the Environmental Impact of Small Acreage Equine Properties: A Case Study and Management Model in Aumsville, Oregon

Lindsay-McGinn, Forrest F.
A Sustainable Planning Model for Salem, Oregon

Larsen, Johännah B.
Potential for Bicycle Commuting Among Willamette University Employees

San Blise, Ashley
Lake Oswego, Oregon: A Case Study of the Urban Coyote

Weiss, Leanne
A Functional Trait Assessment of Benthic Macroinvertebrates at Brownsville Dam

Lowes, Jody
Overcoming Barriers to Environmental Education: A Case Study of Oregon Public Elementary Schools

Mac, Tatiana
Qualitative and Quantitative Valuation of the Trees on the Willamette University Campus Using Aerial Photography and Geographic Information Systems

Myer, Andy
Ancient Terroir: Understanding the Human Interaction with a Changing Landscape

Nelsen, Kirsten M.
Marine Reserves: Economic and Social Implications of Proposed Implementation on the Oregon Coast

Kertay, Kyle
Human Population Discussion Dynamics, the Environment and the Issue Attention Cycle 1991-2006

Klein, Geoff
Connecting Cities: A Multivariable Study of a Salem to Independence Bike Path

Fowler, Stephen R.
Willamette University's Ecological Footprint: Calculation and Analysis of the Commuting Sector

Ryan, Rebecca
Land Use and Sedimentation in the Redwood Creek Watershed

Newell, Christy
An Environmental History of Fairview Mitigated Wetlands History of Land Use and Land Use Ownership Policies

Matthews, Jacob
The Ecological and Economic Benefits of Tree Canopy Cover on the Willamette University Campus

Pilarowski, Connor
Coastal Erosion: The Case of Tillamook Counties Bayocean Spit: The Continuing Development and Alteration of the Landscape Due to Human Interactions

Adler, Constance
Micro-Hydro and the Mill Race: A Feasibility Study

Andrus, Robert A.
How Tree Rings Reflect Wood Quality: Evidence From Industrial and Sustainably-Mangaged Stands

Burns, Sarah
Monitoring the SELC Native Plant Restoration and Landscaping Project

Duyck, Sean
Non-tropical Forrests in South America: How Theory and Politics Effect Forest Preservation

Farr, David
Evaluating the Measure 37 Process: An Analytical Policy Approach

Fischer, Rebecca
A Look at Climate Change and its Effects on Snow Water Equivalent and Streamflow in the Yellowstone River Basin, Montana

Frost, Lisa
Contemporary Management of Non-Timber Forest Products on Native American Reservations in Oregon

Gregoire, Michelle
Curbside Recycling Systems: A Case Study of Recycling in Chelan, Washington

Hancock, Jeffery
The Economics of Sustainable Organic Farming in Oregon

McCreary, David
Viewing Education Through A Green Lens: Integrating Art and Experience in Environmental Education

Mollet, Ashley
A Comparative Study of Energy and Natural Resource Consumption of Various Baby Products

Scheelar, Megan
Oregon Coast Erosion: Environment and Economics Using Rephotography

Schruth, Cari
An Investigation into the Role of Slope Stability on Archaeological Site Distribution and Preservation: Middle Sangro Valley, Abruzzo, Italy

Smith, Ashley
Changing Tornado Frequency and Intensity in the United States Based on Total Power Index Analysis

Squires, Audrey
Habitat Segregation of Cutthroat Trout Phenotypes in the Upper Snake River, Yellowstone National Park

St. Peter, Joseph
El Niño Southern Oscillation and Aquifers in the Pacific Northwest

Swinford, Skylar
Building Codes for Energy Conservation: Costs and Benefits of Requiring Sustainable Insulation in New Residential Building Construction in Oregon

Wieser, Ingrid
The Development of a Paleoenvironmental Starch Grain Database for the Mediterranean Uplands:
A Case Study of Soil Core Starch Analysis at Lago Nero, Monte Pallano, Abruzzo, Italy

Woody, Kari
Salvage Logging within Oregon's Biscuity Fire:
A Model for Site Selection Based on Ecological, Political, and Economic Evaluation

Youngs, Robert
Stretching the Santa River: The Political Ecology of Climate Uncertainties in Northern Peru

Buechley, Evan
A Study of Fisheries and Waterfowl on the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Burstein, Mara Elana
Mill Creek Watershed Council: The Formation

Chiono, Anton A.
The Effects of Spatial Snag Distribution on Nest Site Selection of Cavity-Nesting Bird Species in Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) Forests of the Eastern Cascades

Garrelts, Brennan T.
The Grass Valley Creek Watershed Management Plan Trinity County, California

Presnell, Onica
Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability: A case study of two Salem, Oregon businesses.

Schiesswohl, Leslie
Soil Properties and Sustainable Landscapes at Kaneko Commons

Stone, Erin
Is Dilution the Solution to Pollution? Toxic Mixing Zones in the Willamette Valley

Têtu, Jean-Jacques
Spit or Tombolo: What's in a name? The physical development and classification of Spencer's Spit, Lopez Island, Washington

Baez, Naomi
Willamette University 's History from Nature's Perspective: An Environmental History of East Campus

Byers, Anna
Effects of Human Activity on Mid-tide Macroinvertebrates Along Oregon's Coast

Donovan, Kathryn
Sustainability and Rainwater Catchment Systems: An Assessment of the Fariview Redevelopment Project

Eum, Katherine
Helping Willamette University Turn Green: An Analysis of Green Roof Technology Applications for the Kaneko Residential Commons Project

Fargo, Will
Groundwater Planning and Management in the South Salem Hills

Foster, Emily
Is it Hot in Here or is it Just Me? The Effect of Urbanization on Local Climate

Garner, Anna C.
Wind-driven Upwelling and Hypoxia along the Coast of Oregon

Haney, Michael
Ecological Consciousness and Politics: A Case Study of Two-Timber Dependent Communities in Oregon over the Course of the Northwest Forest Plan Debate

Kenyon, Nathan
An Evaluation of Streambank Stabilization Techniques and Post-Project Monitoring

King, Ingrid
Shock and Awe: An Investigation Into the Language of Environmentalism

Lam, Eric
Demystifying Recycling

Lazo, Linda S.
Exploring Human Interactions with Ardea Herodias (Great Blue Heron) Populations in Oregon's Willamette Valley

Marousis, Kaitlin DeMars
The Kaneko Commons Project Heats Up: Ground Source Heat Pump Potential at Willamette University

Martin, Amber
Creating Structures That Sustain: Examining Environmental Considerations For New Campus Buildings

Mejia, Jesse
The Rise and Fall of the LCDC: Examining Attitudes Toward Land Use Planning in the Wake of Measure 37

McGie, Darrell
Electrolysis of Wastewater for Hydrogen Production

Phelps, Nathan R.
Renewable Portfolio Standards: Trends in the United States and Implications for the State of Oregon

Rother, Monica T.
Exposure of Prison Inmates to Environmental Hazards in Oregon:
An Environmental Justice Approach

Shea, Jon
Climbing Rock: A History of Technology, Ethics and the Land

Welch, Chris
Efforts and Progress Towards Environmentally Friendly Ski Areas in the Pacific Northwest

Bernacchi, Leigh
Effects and Ethics of Single Species Management:
A Study of the Nature Conservancy's Management at Cascade Head

Bondaug, Jr., Keith A.
An Examination of Environmental Studies Programs in Oregon's Colleges and Universities

Everitt, Patrick
What is the Environmental Impact of Professional Athletics? A Study of Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington

Garretson, Sean
Ignoring the Threat: Pollution, Policies, and Threats Associated with Oregon's Leaking UST & Hot Sites Closed Under Cleanup Standards Preceding Those of September 22, 2003

Hagen, Marcie
Nature Sells:
The Falsified Image of Nature in Advertising

Huntley, Heather
You Can Lead a Salemite to Water but You Can't Make Him Recycle: An Analysis of the Unrealized Potential for Public Receptacle Recycling in Salem, Oregon

Kirschner, Kristin
Willamette Valley Pine: A Correlation of Ponderosa Pine and Soil Type Within the Willamette Valley, Oregon

Kraus, Kristopher
Enlightenment Attitudes of Domination and Control in the Context of Socio-Biology

Steen, Elizabeth
The Burning Question: A Study of the Air Pollution from Agricultural Burning in the Willamette Valley

Worah, Moneka
An Analysis of Wetlands Regulations and Mitigation in a Local Setting: Balancing Wetlands Development, Mititgation, and Protection in Salem, Oregon

Allen, Zachary
Vision of a Sustainable Willamette

Burgoyne, Crystal
Constructing Environmental Consciousness through Visual Rhetoric: An Analysis of Jack Ohman's Political Cartoons

Cansler, C. Alina
'No Surprises' and Sound Science: A Case Study of the Addition of Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) to the Plum Creek Habitat Conservation Plan

Christensen, Margaret J.
Improving Energy Efficiency and Construction Practices in the Rental Sector of Southeast Portland

Esterly, Rebecca E.
An Environmentally Responsible Decision-Making Framework for Architectural Building Materials and Design

Fox, Kirstin
A Study of Community-Based Education at Leslie Middle School, Salem, Oregon

Jorve, Jennifer
Sustaining the Coastal Environment by Implementing Marine Protected Areas: The Tillamook Bay National Estuary Project

Larson, Evan
Fire History of the Lava Cast Forest, Central Oregon

McAleer, Michele
Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making: Working Toward Sustainability in a Dynamic Watershed

Steen, Scott
Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater: A Case Study in Silverton, Oregon

Biondini, Lori
A Forest for All Seasons: A Review of Native American Timber Harvesting Presented in Three Case Studies

Brown, Sara
An Ecological & Economic Analysis of Salvage Logging: Case Studies in The Willamette National Forest

Chung, Joseph Alan
The Tillamook Bay National Estuary Project: Are Citizens Getting Involved?

Clark, Derek
Arsenic: Is The Public Interest Being Served by Science or by Economics?

Coffee, Sara
Using a Geographic Information System (GIS) to Determine Western Pond Turtle (Clemmys marmorata) Nesting Habitat at Aumsville Wetlands, Marion County, Oregon

Frankel-Reed, Jenny
Threatened Species Management in the Tillamook District: A GIS Analysis

George, Christopher Thomas
Threatened Salmon and the Need for a Spiritual Solution

Krawczyk, Andrew J.
The Importance of Solitude in the Wilderness Recreation Experience: Mt. Hood Wilderness Plan Case Study

Mack, Megan
The Role of Literature within the Environmental Movement: A Case Study of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

Meadows, Andrea
An Examination of Prescribed Burning, Fire Effects on Forest Ecosystems, & Monitoring Efforts Used to Evaluate the Effects of Prescribed Burning

Rintelman, Michelle
What Safety Measures Protect the People who Grow Your Food? A Look at the Role of Pesticide Regulation and Reform for Agricultural Workers in Oregon

Tucker, Heather
The Battle for Headwaters: An Analysis of the Headwaters Deal AB 1986

Vierra, Ben
Changes in Forest Covers of a Managed Forested Area in Oregon's Coast Range

Virgili, Megan
The Color of Pollution: Possible Links Between Race & Pollution in the Albina Community of North/Northeast Portland

Wright, Kenji
Wild v Natural: An Analysis of the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission's Support for the Use of Supplementation in the Columbia River Salmon Recovery

Briggs, Aaron
The Urban Growth Boundary and the Environment: Salem, Oregon as a Case Study

Cruise, Stephen
Comparison of Current Sustainable Forest Practices in France and Germany with Those in the United States

Detrich, Rebecca
Circumstances of Success: Species Reintroduction and the Gray Wolves of Yellowstone

Foley, Matt
Unnatural Declines in Rattlesnake Populations Due to Unnatural Extermination Practices

Helseth, Kirsten
The Nature of Ecosystems: Does Systemic or Chaotic Theory Prevail?

Jenkins, Peter B.
Can User Fees Save Public Lands?

Jones, Cynthia D.
Ecological Restoration of Oak Savanna Ecosystems

Jorgensen, Jered Freyden
Applying Land-Use Based Management Strategies to Address Growth in Small Communities: A Case Study in Prescott, Arizona

Markiewicz, Jeremy
Environmental Attitudes and Economic Behavior in a Consumerist Society: The Growing Contradiction in the 1990's

Marshall, Stephanie
USDA Forest Service: A Move to Ecosystem Management in the Pacific Northwest

Norris, Forest E.
Opal Creek Wilderness Area: A Catalyst for the Implementation of a Geographic Information System by the Friends of Opal Creek

Santa, Alexander J.
The Effects of Visitor Overuse on the Management and Ecology of our National Parks

Scarth, Robyn
Cooperative Land Management: The Stewardship Agreement Between the U.S. Forest Service and the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Oregon as a Case Study

Seiffert, Kaia Q.
Municipal Solid Waste Emissions and Atmospheric Mercury: A Case Study on the Marion County Waste-to-Energy Facility

Springer, Nathan
Boy Scouts and Environmental Awareness: An Analysis of Environmental Education in the Boy Scouts of America

Swilley, Shane
Zoos and Conservation: An Overview of the Changing Role of Zoos as Members of the Conservation Community with a Personal Assessment of the Oregon Zoos Ability to Meet this Change

Taylor, Jennifer
Ecological Restoration in Riparian and Floodplain Areas: A case study of Brown's Inland Restoration

Zee, Amanda
The Importance of Native Plant Populations for the Preservation of an Ecosystem and Culture: A Case Study with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Aoyagi, Yoshiki
Preservation and Land-Use Planning: National Parks in Japan

Boesiger, Brienne
Advantages and Disadvantages of Constructed Wetland Wasterwater Treatment Systems and How They Apply to the Salem/Keizer Area

Bonney, Catherine
An Innovative Approach to Remediation of Contaminated Sediments in the Portland Harbor

Canning, Peter D.
The Myth of Sustainable Growth: Population Growth, Agriculture and Environmental Degradation: the Dilemma of Sub-Saharan Africa

Dimock, Cynthia M.
Fuel Loading and Fire Management: A Case Study of the Avery Property, Western Cascades, Oregon

Duncan III, Kenneth
Vegetation Changes in the Willamette Valley Since European Settlement: Bonesteele Park as a Case Study

Fritzgerald, Beth
Environmentalism and Protestant Thought: Evaluating Worster's Edwards Hypothesis

Hausermann, Heidi
Community Conservation in South and East Africa

Hiebler, Jennifer
Evolution of Flood Control: Watershed Management and Stream Restoration on Johnson Creek, Portland, Oregon

Hochtl III, Karl
Solutions to Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution: A Case Study on the Pudding River Drainage Basin

Kinnett, Kristana
Cascades of Fire: the Geology and Geological Hazards of Baker, Hood, and Shasta

Newkirk, Laura Josephine
Coastal Erosion Hazards on the Oregon Coast

O'Conner, Jacqueline S.Lahars of Mount Rainer and Mount Hood

Ott, Radley
Geology and Volcanic Hazards of Newberry Volcano, Central Oregon

Rollenhagen, Kari J.
Species Diversity of Bonesteele Prairie: Assessment And Establishment of An Ongoing Project

Salisbury, Kenda Rae
Mass Media Involvement in the General Public's Knowledge of the Environment

Sendelbach, Susan M.
Smokey Bear: Worth Growling About?

Smith, Lindsay K.
Living Machines: An Ecological Solution?

Stiles, Greg H.
Rail-to-Trail Conversion of the Union Pacific Corporation's Salem-Geer Line

Wessels, Kourtney
Environmentalism Across Borders: the Biobio River in Chile

Baures, Jackson
Human Health Hazards of Water Contact Recreation in the Willamette River an approach to water quality analysis

Campe, Catherine
Environmental Education in Elementary Schools: which teaching methods are the most effective?

Chung, Robin Lea
The Evolution of Recycling to a Market Based System: does the market system work?

Del Aguila, Aimee
The Upper San Pedro Basin, Arizona: a review of its hydrology and its possibility of border issues

Dion, Rebecca
Ecotourism: advantages and disadvantages of ecotourism: a case study of indigenous ecotourism in Rio Balnco, Ecuador

Dittman, Laura Rebecca
Human-induced Sedimentation in Estuaries: Siletz Bay, Oregon

Dyrdahl, Alicia
Environmental Impacts of Ski Resort Expansion in Oregon

Eggleston, Sarah
Scrap Tires: an example for the future?

Elder, Doug
Environmental Analysis of the Proposal to Remove Dams from the Lower Snake River

Everitt, Jeremy
Planning to Preserve: the Columbia River Gorge national scenic area as a regional planning model

Godfrey, Alida
Federal Energy Regulation Commission's Dam Re-Licensing Process: a case study on Edwards Dam

Isle, Justin W.
If Darwin Could See Them Now: ecological and ethical consequences of introduced species in the Galapagos Islands

Kinnett, Ryan
A Roseburg Forest Products Log Pond: case study and possible bioremediation solutions

Klure, Justin
Energy Efficiency: building for a sustainable future

Martin, Tim
Green Building and the Sustainable Building Movement

Miller, Ward
Nature Tourism and Sustainable Management in Mt. Hood National Forest

Mills, Sally
What is a Wellhead Protection Program and Why is it Important that Oregon Have One?

Newkirt, Lisa
Logging Practices and their Relationship to Mass Wasting

Schmidt, Carey Beaumont Christian
The Reintroduction of the Wolf: ecosystem health and attitudes towards predators

Sina, Heather
The Impact of Alien Vertebrates on Endemic Bird Populations in Hawai'i: the ecological and political problems of a case study of the Palila and 'Alala

Torres, Brian
Detroit Dam: a case study of the economic and environmental consequences of dam building in the Willamette Valley

Treber, Jennifer
The Air you Breathe: formaldehyde and benzene in the indoor environment

Venzon, Arianne
Industrial Hemp: environmental and economic benefits of a renewable resource

Waller, John
A Conflict Analysis of the Windy Canyon Timber Sale