Stephanie DeGooyer

Assistant Professor of English

Stephanie DeGooyer received her Ph.D. in English literature from Cornell University in 2013. Her work focuses on the intersection between law, politics, and aesthetics in the long eighteenth century. Most recently, she published “Democracy, Give or Take?” in the interdisciplinary journal Humanity as well as “The Poetics of the Passport,” an article on eighteenth-century passport restrictions and narrative fiction. She is completing a book called The Sorrows of Anybody: The Aesthetics of Democracy in the Long Eighteenth Century, which accounts for the rise of the democratic proposition that anybody can be a subject of art in the anti-realist properties of the eighteenth-century sentimental novel. She is also co-authoring The Right to Have Rights with Werner Hamacher, Alastair Hunt, and Samuel Moyn (forthcoming from Verso Books in Fall 2016). Her teaching at Willamette University covers survey courses on Eighteenth-Century British literature, as well as more specialized courses on Romanticism, Literary and Critical Theory, Democracy, Human Rights, and Laurence Sterne.

Selected Publications

“The Poetics of the Passport in A Sentimental Journey.” Sterne, Tristram, Yorick: Tercentenary Essays on Laurence Sterne, ed. Peter de Voogd, Judith Hawley, and Melvyn New (University of Delaware Press, 2015).

“Democracy, Give or Take?” Humanity: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Rights (University of Pennsylvania), March 2014.

“A Monster’s Right to Have Rights,” Biblion: The Afterlife of Shelley and Frankenstein (New York Public Library), 2011.

“Speech Act Theory,” The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Theory and Literary Criticism, ed Gregory Castle. (Mass: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011).


ENGL 353 – The Early Novel
HUM 497 - Tristram Shandy
ENGL 458 – The Politics of Literature
ENGL 319 – Sentimental Fiction
ENGL 202 – Literary Theory
ENGL 201 - Close Reading
ENGL 117 – Romanticism and Revolution
ENGL 117 - Tragicomedy