Program Information

The English Department offers language, literature, and writing studies on several levels. It provides varied experiences in the careful reading of literary texts and it promotes Willamette's writing culture.

Requirements for the English Major (10 Credits)

Core courses

Two courses in literature written before 1800, at the 300 or 400 level, only one of which may be a Shakespeare course (2)

One course in American Ethnic or Post-Colonial Literature, at the 300 or 400 level (1)

  • ENGL 326 Literature of Diaspora
  • ENGL 337 African-American Literature I (1)
  • ENGL 338 African-American Literature II (1)
  • ENGL 381 Latin@ Countercultures Digital Research Project (1)

Four additional courses (4)

  • Two additional electives at the 300 or 400 level (2)
  • Two additional electives (2)
  • (at least one course besides Senior project at 400 level)

Senior Experience (1)

  • ENGL 490 Independent Study (1) (with permission) or
  • ENGL 499W Senior Seminar in English or
  • HUM 497W Humanities Senior Seminar (1)

The advisor and the student will develop together a major program that ensures the study of a wide variety of literary texts and varied interpretive strategies.

Individual research is encouraged through Reading and Conference (ENGL 390) and, for students with excellent academic records in their English studies, Independent Study (ENGL 490). Senior evaluation for the English major will usually consist of a senior thesis developed from a Humanities Senior Seminar or in the senior seminar in English. Some advanced students may produce the senior thesis or a directed creative project in Independent Study (ENGL 490).

English majors are encouraged to take courses from the following related fields: theatre, music, religion, classical studies, philosophy, art history, history, and interdisciplinary arts courses.

To be eligible for honors in the department, a student must complete at least two 400-level courses besides the Senior Seminar and have a GPA of 3.8 in the department.

Requirements for the Creative Writing Concentration for the English Major (10 Credits)

Core courses (3)

Two courses in literature written before 1800, only one of which can be a Shakespeare course (2)

Two courses in literature written after 1800, with at least one in American Ethnic or Postcolonial literature (2)

Two additional creative writing courses (2)

  • ENGL 135 Introduction to Creative Writing (1)
  • ENGL 329W Creative Nonfiction (1)
  • ENGL 331 Intermediate Fiction Writing (1)
  • ENGL 332 Intermediate Poetry Writing (1)
  • ENGL 339 Special Topics in Creative Writing (1)

Senior Experience (1)

Requirements for the English Minor (5 Credits)

The minor program in English consists of five credits-two required courses and the options listed below-selected in consultation with an English Department advisor from the following:

  • ENGL 201 Close Reading (1)
  • ENGL 202W Introduction to Literary Theory (1)
  • Two credits chosen in consultation with your English Department advisor from English courses numbered above 300 (2)
  • One other English credit (1)