Advance Fitness and Training


To improve all aspects of ground-based training. This includes cardio-vascular fitness, speed, agility, flexibility, and core strength.


The use of ground-based cross training will be the emphasis for this class. This includes speed training, plyometric training, agility training, and circuit training.


There will be a pre-test and post-test from each of the following areas: Plyometrics, Speed, and Agility. Failure to pre- and post-test will result in the grade of "no credit" for the course.


Students will be allowed a maximum of three missed classes per course. Attendance will be taken daily.

This half-semester course meets twice a week for 1 1/2 hours each class.


This is a "credit/no credit" course. Credit will be given to all who actively participate and do not miss more than three classes. Failure to pre- and post-test is also cause for "no credit".


Ground-based training equipment will be used. This includes speed ladders, resistance band, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, cones, and jump ropes. The use of sport-specific equipment will not be tolerated.

Who Can Join the Class? 

This is not a beginning conditioning course. Students should be prepared for serious fitness and training.
This course is not sport-specific.

Students are encouraged to review the Activity Course Policies and Regulations.