Scuba - Advanced

Welcome to the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Class. Open water divers will expand their skills, comfort and knowledge beyond the Open Water diver level. Advanced divers will prepare to and participate in five dives over the course of a weekend trip to Hoodsport, Washington. Divers will participate in a deep dive, night dive, underwater navigation dive, search and recovery dive, and underwater naturalist dive. A dry suit dive is optional.

This half-semester course includes Orientation, five class sessions, five in-pool dives, and an Open Water Weekend.
The complete course schedule will be distributed during Orientation.

All classes must be taken in sequence. If you miss a class, it must be made up before the following class meeting.

  • Please bring a swimming suit and towel to all pool sessions.
  • Please note that class sessions may not necessarily be twice a week.
  • Please note that class start and end times may sometimes vary.

General Information

SCUBA courses are conducted in accordance with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification program; PADI's program is the most widely-recognized and respected diving certification in the world.

PADI-certified staff members from HydroSports Dive and Travel conduct all classroom, confined water and open water sessions.

Please note the following:

  • The required program fee is $600 each semester. The subsequent benefits of both courses are listed below.
  • The program fee is automatically charged to your student account upon registration.
  • There is no refund of any or all of the program fee after the first class session.
  • Both Beginning and Advanced courses are half-semester courses only; consult the Office of the Registrar course schedule for more information.
  • Each student must complete a Medical Statement. Some students may have to seek the advise of a physician prior to engaging in dive activities.
  • Students are encouraged to review the Activity Course Policies and Regulations.

Program Benefits

The $600 program fee includes the following benefits:

Students will be provided with:

  • Open Water Diver Manual, or Advanced Open Water Diver Manual, log book pages and Recreational Dive Planner.
  • Free six-month subscription to Dive Training Magazine.
  • PADI Open Water Certification Card (Beginning) or PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Card upon successful completion of the class.
  • Meals, transportation, lodging, beach fees and air fills on the scheduled Open Water Training Weekend, held in Hoodsport Washington.
Each student will receive the following items, which become his/her personal property ($250 value):



  • mask
  • snorkel
  • fins
  • underwater flashlight
  • visual surface signaling device
  • audible surface signaling device and cutting tool

All Rental SCUBA Equipment required for the class will be provided, including:

  • Buoyancy Compensating Device (BCD)
  • Regulator with complete Console, power inflator hose and Alternate Air Source
  • Tanks and Air
  • Pool Wet suit if needed
  • Pool Weight Belt
  • Open Water Wet suit
  • Open Water Weight belt
  • Gear box
  • Boots, Gloves and Hood
  • any other equipment necessary to meet safety and training standards