Activity Courses

Activity classes are co-ed unless otherwise specified.

Many are offered each semester and will on occasion have multiple sections or a suffix of I or II (novice or a more advanced level -- respectively). Course offerings include: aerobics, fencing, golf, Pilates, tai chi, tennis, total body conditioning, scuba, skiing, weight training/conditioning, and yoga. Not all courses are offered each half or whole semester. See the Office of the Registrar course schedules for current and future course offerings.

The following courses have information available online.

  • Total Body Conditioning - Total Body Conditioning
  • Core Body Conditioning / Abs - core body conditioning / abs
  • Fencing - includes form, balance, and self-control
  • Skiing - alpine, snowboard, telemark and Nordic skiing
  • Advance Fitness and Training - includes cardio-vascular fitness, speed, agility, flexibility, and core strength.
  • Golf - entails all aspects of the game of golf -- grip, stance, posture, and swing technique including drills, chipping and putting
  • Karate / Self-Defense - a comprehensive introduction to Traditional Japanese Karate (style is Shotokan)
  • Scuba - Beginning - your first step in what we hope will be a long and exciting association with SCUBA Diving
  • Scuba - Advanced - participate in a deep dive, night dive, underwater navigation dive, search and recovery dive, and underwater naturalist dive
  • Step Aerobics - 45-minute step aerobic class designed to improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Tai Chi Chuan - flowing, graceful moving meditation which cultivates a calm, focused and centered mind
  • Women on Weights - enrollment limited to women, for a comfortable, noncompetitive and nonjudgmental environment
  • Yoga - exercise, breath awareness and concentration used to promote individual growth