Opportunities and Activities

Learning Japanese

  • Speak Japanese with a Japanese Language Assistant from Japan.
  • Become a Language Partner with Japanese students through classes.
  • Participate at the Japanese Language Table to speak Japanese over meals.
  • Enroll TIUA’s Japanese Language Mentor program to talk in Japanese.
  • Participate in the Toyama Cup Japanese Speech Contest in Portland.

Learning Japanese Culture

  • Join Japan Studies Student Leaders (JSSL) to work with Japanese students http://blog.willamette.edu/~llc_japanese/
    • Sakura Matsuri (Cheery blossom festival) in April
    • Japanese Dance (soran-bushi, hip-hop, etc.)
    • Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)
    • Kendo (Japanese martial arts)
    • Japanese Movie / Cooking Nights
    • Visiting the Japanese Garden in Portland, and more.
  • Join Willamette Taiko Club (Japanese drum)
  • Join Sanshin Club (Okinawan string instrument)
  • Be roommate/hallmate with Japanese students.


  • Teach Japanese at a Japanese after school program with Japanese students at a local middle school.
  • Teach introductory Japanese classes to local middle school students through Willamette University’s Saturday Explorations program.
  • Visit local schools to share your Japan experience in the Language in Motion program.
  • Tutor Japanese students taking English and a variety of elective subject matter courses.


  • Join the Japan Studies Student Leaders (JSSL) to organize Japan-related events.
  • Work as an International Peer Coach (IPC) at TIUA and help orient Japanese students’ lives at Willamette University.
  • Become an International Program Assistant (IPA) supporting administrative and co-curricular work.
  • Work as a Community Associate (residence life staff) at TIUA in the Summer; help manage a one-week Japanese language & culture camp, “Kaneko Day Camp;” assist with Summer Special Programs.

Opportunities after Graduation

Many of our graduates work in Japan or attend graduate schools after graduation.

Work in Japan

  • Work in Japan as an Assistant English Teacher (AET) or Coordinator for International Relations (CIR)) through the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) program.
  • Join the KET (Kawagoe Exchange & Teaching) program to work as an AET. Kawagoe, Japan, is a home of TIU and has been a sister city with Salem since 1986.
  • Work for Japanese companies in the Sates and in Japan.

Graduate Schools

  • Columbia University; Georgetown University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, San Diego; University of Hawaii, Manoa; University of Washington; Inter-University Center, Yokohama, Japan; Waseda University, Japan and many others.