Research Community Application Process

Individual applications to LARC will not be accepted. Only Research Communities comprised of 2-4 faculty and 2-8 students are eligible to apply. The following materials must be submitted via e-mail to the program director before December 10, 2013 to be considered for LARC 2014.

  1. A 500-word statement outlining the rationale and plan of work for the research community. What are the key points of thematic, theoretical, or methodological intersection that will make this a vibrant intellectual community? What sort of collective work will the community engage in?
  2. A 500-word proposal from each participating faculty member describing the research project they intend to pursue in summer 2014. This proposal must include
    • a discussion of the project’s stage of evolution—will this be an initial foray into a new area, a summer of data collection for a project that is already well-formed, a summer mostly devoted to producing the final version of a mature project, etc.
    • a list of any available internal and external sources of funding for this project
    • a description of how one will engage in collaborative work with one’s undergraduate mentee(s) and how the summer work of one’s student mentee(s) will contribute to the project’s evolution.
  3. A 500-word proposal and personal statement from each participating student describing the research project they intend to pursue in summer 2014. Please indicate how, if at all, this project grows out of previous course work or other experiences. Also, please discuss how participation in LARC relates to your future academic and/or vocational goals.
  4. One letter of recommendation for each student. Note: letters must be written by a faculty member who will NOT be engaged in a LARC project with the student they are recommending.
  5. A proposed budget for each faculty/student team. Each team can apply for up to $4,000 in additional funds to help cover the following expenses:
    • equipment and supplies
    • research travel
    • travel to conferences directly related to the team’s research projects
    Note: these additional funds are limited and will be granted on a competitive basis. All expenses must be approved by the LARC committee before they occur.

Criteria for selection

One purpose of this grant is to provide research support for as many faculty members as possible, therefore precedence will be given to those applicants who have not previously participated in LARC. That said, there is no restriction on faculty members participating in multiple years. Among renewal requests, special consideration will be given to those previous LARC participants who have applied for external funds to support their research projects.

Another key goal of this project is to foster intellectual collaboration across disciplines and between junior and senior faculty, therefore inter-generational and inter-disciplinary communities are especially encouraged to apply.

Precedence will be given to those research projects for whom other internal funds are not available. It is also expected that LARC will be the only source of internal support for each project.