Faculty Application Process

Application Procedure The Faculty application procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Before October 1, 2013: Send an e-mail to the LARC director (scotlar@willamette.edu) containing a one-paragraph statement of your summer 2014 research interests. These paragraphs will be posted on the LARC website to facilitate pairings with other faculty and students.
  • Attend the Collaborative Research Forum on November 7, 2013 (11:30-12:40 in Montag Den) and offer a very brief summary of your research interests for the students and other faculty members in attendance.
  • Throughout the fall, but especially after the Collaborative Research Forum, interested faculty members should initiate conversations with colleagues with whom they would like to form a research community.
  • By December 1, 2013 faculty interested in LARC will have been contacted by all students who would like to work with them in the summer of 2014. It is up to each faculty member to design an application process that will help them select the student most suited for participation in LARC.
  • LARC research community applications are due by December 10. See the Research Community Application page for full details.
  • Awardees will be announced in mid-January.