Mathematics Colloquium

The Mathematics Colloquia is a series of talks by the Willamette University Math Department and visiting speakers. These talks are aimed at faculty and undergraduate math students and will introduce the audience to fun, interesting applications of undergraduate mathematics, as well as more advanced topics in mathematics research. Unless otherwise noted, Colloquium talks will be held Thursdays at 4:00pm in Ford Room 204. Refreshments will be provided. We hope you can join us! If you would like more information, please contact Prof. Erin McNicholas.

Calendar of upcoming talks available here

Colloquium Schedule 2014-2015


Abstracts Archive

Past 2014-15 Talks

March -

Professors Erin McNicholas, Willamette University
Fall 2015 Math Preview

Heidi Andersen '11, University of Minnesota
Fantastic Groups and Where to Find Them

Professor Inga Johnson
All Tangled Up: Conway's Classification of Rational Tangles

Professor Josh Laison
Modern Board Games and the Math Behind Them

December -

Jeremy Coste and Kees McGahan

Cops and Robbers on Graphs
Join us as we explore the game of Cops and Robbers on graphs. We will take a look at cop-win and robber-win graphs, as well as finding algorithms for computing the cop number. Furthermore, we will learn some variations of the game with firefighters and helicopters!

November -

Jared Nishikawa, Willamette '10
Hash Functions, A Soft Intro

Benjamin Young, University of Oregon
Tiling an Aztec Diamond

11/6 Bob Milnikel, Kenyon College
A New Angle on An Old Construction

October -

10/30 Lexi Scheel & Eric Samelson
Lexi and Eric's Summer Research

September -

9/23 Mega Menger Mania!
Discussion of fractals, fractal movies, and folding more menger cubes.

9/18 Spencer Sitton
Partial Differential Equations &  Equivalence

9/11 Dr. Elton Graves, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Seeing the Wave: A Mathematical Simulation of the Waller Violin

Past 2013-14 Talks

April -

4/17 Liz McMahon, Lafayette College
Mathematics in the Game of Set

4/10 Gary Gordon, Lafayette College
Pick a Tree, Any Tree

March -

3/13 Paul Cull, Computer Science, Oregon State University
Solving Towers of Hanoi and Related Puzzles

3/7 Matt Anderson
A Prime Producing Polynomial

February -

2/20 K. Tucker (a.k.a k-TUCK)
Enumeration and Projection Dependence of 1-Singular Knots

2/20 R. Robinson (a.k.a Ray-Robins)
Convergence of Sequences of Polygons

December -

12/5 Jordan Purdy, Mathematics Dept
Spatial Statistics - Logistic Regression, the Autologistic Model and Mountain Pine Beetle

12/4 Samantha Reynolds, Willamette University '14
College Entrance Exam Firms, Nonprofit Efficiency, and Testing Fees

November - 

11/14 Professor Inga Johnson, Mathematics Dept
Topology, Homology and Applications to Data

October - 

10/31 Jeff Schreiner-McGraw and Will Agnew-Svoboda
Unipancyclic  Matroids

10/24 Nancy Ann Neudauer, Pacific University 
What is a Matroid? Investigations of asymptotic enumeration in matroids

10/3 Yumi Li, Math Major
Put Your Thinking CAPS On (Exploring Finite Geometry in the Card Game SET®) 

September - 

9/19 Ryan Wright, Janrain Inc.
Computing the Coming Robot Apocalypse: The math behind Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning