Program Information

This interdisciplinary major combines coursework in both the mathematics and economics programs. It is suitable for economics students who are interested in the technical/mathematical aspects of economics, and mathematics students who are interested in applied problems in economics. The major requirements provide a solid foundation for graduate studies or careers in applied mathematics, finance or various fields of economics.

Requirements for the Mathematics/Economics Major (12 Credits)

Economic theory (3)

Mathematical theory (2)

Data Analysis* (1)

One of the following courses

Electives** (5)

Any 2 additional courses in Economics numbered 300 or higher. Highly recommended are:

Any 3 additional courses in Mathematics numbered 200 or higher. Highly recommended are:

  • MATH 249 Multivariate Calculus
  • MATH 256 Differential Equations
  • MATH 446 Real Analysis
    **At least one 400-level course must be taken in each department

Senior Experience (1)

MAEC 499W Senior Experience

An independent study advised by a faculty member(s) in either mathematics or economics (or both). Each student completes a research paper that demonstrates mastery of mathematical techniques; e.g., modeling or data analysis, as they apply to a topic in economics. Other activities include written and oral analysis of related work and oral presentation(s) of their paper.