The 35th Willamette Choral Reunion

November 3rd and 4th, 2017


This upcoming school year, Doctor Wallace Long will celebrate 35 years as Director of Choral Activities at Willamette University. In honor of this milestone, he is pleased to invite you to our 35th Anniversary Choir Reunion, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, November 3-4, 2017. Anyone who has ever sung or played in the Chamber Choir, Willamette Singers, or University Choir is welcome to attend!

We have a terrific weekend planned with group rehearsals, dinners, receptions, and both a classical and jazz performance for all to participate in and enjoy. Click on the button to the right to see a tentative schedule for the reunion to give you an idea of how things will go. 

As professor Long looks back on his time here, he cannot help but reflect on the experiences he has shared. How about the first ACDA NW in Missoula when the pacific Northwest realized that Willamette was going ot continue to have a great choral program. Then, there was the honorific conventions in Boston, Indianapolis, New York, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Vancouver, Seattle, Eugene, and Portland. The special trips to Hawaii, Japan, Carnegie Hall, and South Africa. The special events like the 150th Anniversary or Willamette, Colin Powell, Desmond Tutu, the opening of the Rogers Music Center, and the inaugurations of two WU presidents. The regional tours, yes, and even the cold Easter Loop through Idaho through Idaho and Montana. WOW! What a great musical and personal journey shared.

This might be the last reunion before professor Long retires, so this 35th reunion is the event to bring everyone back and remember some great old times. It is his dearest hope that he will see as many of your wonderful faces as possible at this event. 

To register, please click the button to the right, select the meals and receptions you would like to join us for, and, when prompted in the confirmation email, complete a short survey letting us know how you would like to participate in the weekend's special choir reunion performances.

Please come join us to renew old friendships, make great music, and build even more wonderful Willamette Choir memories together.