Performance Ensembles


Flute Ensemble

Flute Ensemble »

Flute Ensemble is an ensemble of 4-8 flutists performing a wide variety of works, ranging from Baroque pieces to contemporary works featuring techniques such as beatboxing and multiphonics.

Salem Chamber Orchestra

Salem Chamber Orchestra »

The Salem Chamber Orchestra is a semi-professional symphony comprised of Willamette music faculty and students, professional musicians from the region and local volunteers.

University Chamber Orchestra

University Chamber Orchestra »

With a string ensemble as its core, the University Chamber Orchestra presents one full concert and several other performances each semester.

Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble »

Composed of 40 of Willamette’s top wind, brass and percussion players, the Wind Ensemble performs on campus and on tours throughout the western states.

Willamette Jazz Collective

Willamette Jazz Collective »

The Willamette Jazz Collective is a large ensemble of 10 to 14 musicians performing the finest literature from the jazz and improvisational music canon with a particular emphasis on the music of today.

Waller String Quartet and Other Chamber Ensembles

Waller String Quartet and Other Chamber Ensembles »

Comprised of four of our top string performers, the Waller String Quartet performs frequently both on and off campus. Other ensembles are created each semester depending on student availability.