What Can I Do with a Philosophy Major?

Our graduates have taken up an amazing variety of occupations, from Oregon Supreme Court justice to Google engineer, US diplomat to NPR reporter, specialty coffee roaster to medical doctor, business consultant to community organizer. They have earned, or are currently earning, advanced degrees in medicine, education, law, linguistics, religion, fine arts, physics, business, political science, and, of course, philosophy. Few disciplines can boast of contributing to such varied pursuits.

Philosophy majors not only weigh diverse career options, they enjoy significant advantages once they choose a field. As a group, philosophy majors gain employment on graduation at higher than average ratesearn entrance to medical school at a higher rate than all other majors, including chemistry and biologyscore at or near the top on admissions tests like the LSAT and GMAT; and more generally enjoy a well-earned reputation for clear and rigorous thinking. While the best reason to major in philosophy is that it interests you, philosophy turns out to be an excellent career move, too.

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