Michaela Kleinert

Associate Professor of Physics

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Parsagian, Alexandria and Michaela Kleinert. “Designing and Building a Permanent Magnet Zeeman Slower for Calcium Atoms Using a 3D Printer.” American Journal of Physics 83.10 (2015): 892-899.

Lo, H. W., J. Kleinert, and M. Kleinert. “Conservation of extremal ellipticity and analytical expression for astigmatism and asymmetry in Gaussian beam imaging.” Applied Optics 56 (2017): 2523-2528.

Kleinert, Michaela, M. E. Gold Dahl*, and S. Bergeson. “Measurement of the Yb I 1 S0 – 1 P1 transition frequency at 399 nm using an optical frequency comb.” Physical Review A 94 (2016): 052511.


Faculty Achievement Awards 2016-2017 (Teaching and Research).

Research Subaward to Division of Physics collaborative research grant, “Plasma Physics at Small Coulomb Logarithms,” (Scott Bergeson, PI, Award No. 1500376), National Science Foundation, $85,000, September 2015.