Megan Ybarra

Megan Ybarra


  • PhD in Environmental Science, Policy and Management; University of California, Berkeley
  • BA in Latin American Studies; New York University


My goal is to facilitate classes in which students develop a theoretical toolkit to critically engage with global politics.
  • Poli121 (MOI: ARV) -- Transnational Labor Politics
  • Poli218 (MOI: US) -- Politics in the Developing World
  • Poli362 -- Latin American Politics
  • Poli376 (Writing Centered) -- Latin American Revolutions
  • Poli386 (MOI: ARV) -- Political Ecology
  • Poli480 (Writing Centered) -- Senior Thesis


My research writes race into debates about conservation, "drug wars" and asylum claims. My current book project examines narco narratives, remilitarization and rights claims in post-genocide Guatemala.

Recent Publications

Ybarra, M. (2013) You Cannot Measure a Tzuultaq'a: Cultural Politics at the Limits of Liberal Legibility. Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography 45(3): 584-601.

Ybarra, M. (2012) Taming the Jungle, Saving the Maya Forest: Sedimented Counterinsurgency Practices in Contemporary Guatemalan Conservation. Journal of Peasant Studies 39(2): 479-502. Special Issue: Green grabbing: a new appropriation of nature? guest edited by James Fairhead, Melissa Leach and Ian Scoones.

Ybarra, M., Obando Samos, O., Grandia, L., and N.B. Schwartz. (2012) Tierra, Migración y Vida en Petén, 1999-2009. Guatemala City: CONGCOOP-IDEAR. PDF


Recent Presentations

Ybarra, M. (2013) From Subversivo to Narcocampesino: The Politics of Crime and Conservation in Guatemala. Latin American Studies Association (LASA) International Congress; Washington, DC; May 31.

Ybarra, M. (2012) Plenary presentation. Tierra, Migración y Vida 1999-2009, Resultados Destacados. 2° Simposium Internacional de Investigación Interdisciplinaria; sponsored by Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, División Académica Multidisciplinaria de los Ríos, México; and the Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala. Santa Elena, Petén, Guatemala; August 16.

Ybarra, M. (2012) Voting for Mano Dura? Remilitarization and Political Activism in Post-War Guatemala. Paper session: Critical Geographies of Counter-Insurgency. Annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers (AAG), New York, NY; February 27.