Indicators of Achievement

The learning and curricular goals of the Politics Department reflect the online Departmental self-description. They encompass student learning outcomes consistent with the liberal arts mission in general and curricular goals specific to our discipline. Our goals are consistent with national disciplinary recommendations, and the range of goals in the assessment plans at other political science departments nationally.

Student Learning Outcomes for the Politics Major

  1. General academic skills as applied to the important political and socio-economic controversies that surround us
    • Read carefully
    • Research effectively
    • Speak competently
    • Think critically, and broadly without losing attention to specificity
    • Write persuasively
  2. Discipline specific learning
    • Knowledge of range of explanatory and normative theories in political science
    • Knowledge of the variety of political institutions and processes
    • Knowledge of the 3 sub-fields – American Politics, Comparative Area Studies and International Relations, and Political Philosophy -- in political science