Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is an activity-based learning experience which involves applying both academic and social skills to simulate international diplomacy. This course develops each student's understanding of the significance, functions, structure, operation, and role of the United Nations in world politics. This experience assists students in learning and applying skills used by diplomats that represent their states at the United Nations; skills such as research, policy formulation, resolution drafting, public speaking and negotiation. Students will develop these skills through MUN simulations in class and at various MUN conferences.

Model United Nations carries a .25 credit in the Politics curriculum. While a faculty advisor provides support and oversight, however, MUN is run by student leaders and functions much like an extra-curricular student organization. The group typically attends at least one conference each semester. In the fall (and sometimes also in the spring), Willamette joins other schools from Oregon and Washington in a conference of the Model United Nations of Cascadia (MUNC). In the spring semester, Willamette's MUN team has attended larger conferences attended by hundreds of schools, including the Model United Nations of the Far West in San Francisco, the Harvard Model United Nations in Boston, and the National Model United Nations in New York. In November 2005, Willamette hosted the fall MUNC conference for the first time in many years. The meeting, attended by nine area schools, was a great success.