Allied Health + Pre-Medical = Pre-Health Program

The Willamette University Pre-Health Program is comprised of two distinct academic tracks that only differ in the kinds of career-specific resources, but not the quality. Each separate track has a wide variety of resources, personalized advising and expert Pre-Health advisors. When you arrive at Willamette, you will have numerous opportunities to meet and speak with each of these Pre-Health advisors in order to better decide which track you will later focus on.

How do I join the Pre-Health Program?

If you are a freshmen, access the Pre-Health class of 2018 webpage where you will find detailed instructions of registering as Pre-Health. If you are a current Sophomore, Junior, or Senior, then please contact the Willamette Career Center to set up a Pre-Health Evaluation appointment. 

Four-Year Plan

Although your course schedules will depend on the specific track you enroll in, all Pre-Health students are expected to enroll in these perfunctory courses:

Please Note:

These are courses that we have found are needed regardless of the specific career you intend to focus on. However, it is critical that you meet with your advisor to ensure that you are fulfilling the other courses required for specific career tracks (for example, students interested in becoming a MD will need one year of Organic Chemistry).

For a more detailed outline of four years as a Pre-Health student, refer to our Four Year Plan in the resource packet.