Advising Manual

Pre-Health Helpful and Interesting Courses

ANTH 344 Medical Anthropology
Biol 125 Ecology, Evolution & Diversity
Biol 246 Human Anatomy
Biol 250 General Microbiology
Biol 260 Human Physiology
Biol 333 Gene Structure & Function
Biol 353W Behavioral Ecology
Biol 354W Advanced Microbiology
Biol 358W Developmental Biology
Biol 376 Evolutionary Biology
Chem 115 Introductory Chemistry I
Chem 116 Introductory Chemistry II
Chem 225 Organic Chemistry I
Chem 226 Organic Chemistry II
Chem 228 Organic Chemistry II
Chem 346 Experimental Chemistry I
Chem 347 Experimental Chemistry II
Chem 351 Biochemistry
Chem 431 Advanced Biochemistry
EXSCI 221 Epidemiology
IDS 220 The Body in Science & Society
IDS 224 Physical Activity and Disease Prevention
Math 141 Calculus
Math 138 Statistics
PHYS 221 Introduction to Physics I
PHYS 222 Introduction to Physics II
Psyc 210 Introduction to Psychology
Rhet 150 Public Speaking

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