End-of-Year Luncheon and AGM Minutes


• The End-of-Year Luncheon was held at 12:00 pm at Montag Center on May 1, 2014. Kathleen Kellay and Liesa Kister were guests for the banquet.


• After the luncheon Ken Panck called the AGM to order.

• He thanked Sharon Dearman and Sandy Colburn, Co-Directors of Social Services, for planning the luncheon. He then asked the current board members to come to the front and acknowledged their contributions to ICL. They are:

Gary Beck – Immediate Past Executive Director
Peter Ronai – Director of Information Services
Hardin King – Director of University Support Services
Jyl McCormick – Director of Secretarial Services
Charlene Robbins – Director of FInancial Services
Peter Rasmussen and Tom Zook – Co-Directors of Curriculum Services
Louise Schroeder and Eunice Porter – Co-Directors of Membership Services
Sharon Dearman and Sandy Colburn – Co-Directors of Social Services

• Sandy Colburn, who is retiring from the Board; Historians Irene Konopasek and Sybil Westenhouse; and Phil and Maureen Caudill, field trip organizers, were introduced and thanked for their service to ICL. Each of these members was presented a certificate and a gift certificate to the Willamette Book Store. Ken then gave special thanks to Gary Beck and Dave MacMillan for their assistance with the microphones and sound system at Ford Hall. Ken also welcomed Linda Vincent and Laura Jacobson who will be the new ICL Historians.

• Ken Panck then asked all who presented or assisted in ICL this past year to please stand for recognition. This included many of the ICL members who were present. Members contribute in many ways to the continuing excellence of ICL.

• Ken Panck introduced Jim Brown, chair of nominating committee who introduced the slate of 2014-2015 Director nominees. They are:

Executive Director: Ken Panck
Director of Financial Services: Charlene Robbins
Director of Secretarial Services: Jyl McCormick
Director of University Support Services: Hardin King
Co-directors of Curriculum Services: Peter Rasmussen and Tom Zook
Co-Directors of Membership Services: Louise Schroeder and Eunice Porter
Co-Directors of Information Services: Peter Ronai and new Board member, Mieke Visser
Co-Directors Social Services: Sharon Dearman, and new Board member, Else Nichols

• Ken Panck called for a motion to accept the director nominees by acclamation. The motion was seconded and all the members voted to accept the nominations.  

• Ken announced this year’s ICL gifts to Willamette University:

Hudson Book Fund: $1,500
Willamette Academy: $1,500
College of Liberal Arts Unrestricted Fund: $1,500 (used for scholarships, salaries, maintenance and upgrades to the campus, and for student and faculty research)

• The Phil Hanni Student Scholar Program was a success this year and a stipend of $300 was given to each of the students. Jim Brown has volunteered to manage the program next year.


• Peter Rasmussen reported on the format of opening session in the fall. The classes will start on Thursday, September 4 at 9:00 am at Montag Center with Dean Marlene Moore speaking at 10:00 am. Solveig Holmquist said the afternoon class would meet in Hudson Hall for a musical presentation.

• Ken Panck reported that the use of Ford Hall seemed to be secure for Fall Semester 2014, but we may need to find another location during Spring Semester. He will keep the membership updated on any changes.  

• Sharon Dearman stated that the picnic would be at 11:00 am on August 13, at Minto-Brown Island Park. She will send out more information later this summer.

• Peter Ronai asked that members send in any changes of address, phone number or e-mail address before the first of August so the changes can be in the new ICL Directory.

• Eunice Porter reminded all members that the deadline for checks for next year’s dues is May 31.

• Sally Hopkins announced that the Frog statue on the Carousel in memory of her husband would be dedicated on May 15 and all were invited to the dedication.

• Sharon and Sandy were thanked for their work in arranging the luncheon.

• Ken announced that there would be a Board meeting immediately after the AGM, to include both the old and new Board members.


The meeting was then adjourned.