Honors Program

Each fall semester, the Department of Psychology faculty members review the list of Psychology seniors who have completed a minimum of four psychology courses at Willamette University and who have a GPA of at least 3.70 in psychology to determine eligibility for honors. Other criteria are also considered such as the faculty members' perceptions of the student's potential for excelling in the senior year (and beyond) and service to the department. Thus, the 3.70 GPA criterion does not guarantee inclusion or exclusion of a student for consideration as an honors candidate.

Potential candidates for honors are sent a written invitation, including the guidelines the faculty will follow in determining which students will actually receive departmental honors when they graduate.

To participate in the honors program, selected candidates must:

  • Complete an original scholarly paper/research project in consultation with a Psychology faculty member.
  • Choose two faculty members in addition to the faculty supervisor of the above project to be members of an honors committee. One of the committee members may be a faculty member in another discipline or at another institution.
  • Present and defend the scholarly product for the honors committee.

To receive honors, the following criteria must be met:

  • The quality of the scholarly product and the presentation/defense must be deemed as being of "honors" quality by at least 2/3 of the honors committee.
  • The overall quality of the student's academic work, as reflected in the student's Psychology and cumulative GPAs, must remain at a level worthy of honors.
  • The student's demeanor throughout the honors process, both inside and outside the classroom, should serve as a role model for fellow psychology students.

Recipients of Honors in Psychology


Alexandra Babij
Shannon Cain
Laura Cullen
Charleen Gust
Eve Wiggins


Ziv Feinberg
Erica Hayes
Shoshana Jarvis
Megan Nanry
Ami Snur


Paige Mullins
Nicolette Rickert


Julia Ladner
Sari Matisoff
Kellie Menghini
Madison Niermeyer
Sarah Schroeder


Molly Enzminger
Alia Yasen


Kachina Kudroff
Lydia Marsalli
Leila Mitsunaga
Olivia Saccomanno


Hayley Freedman
Stephanie Good
Kalia Gurnee
Acacia McGuire
Tara McLauchlan


Thanh-Truc "Quyen" Nguyen


Lauren Bucholtz
Jordan Charboneau
Cason Schmit


Kari Proud


Gale Lucas


Miranda Scolari
Nathan Foster


Allyson Neary
Leslie M. Radin
Matt Snodgrass
Lindsay Washington


Erin Winterrowd
Emily Kern


Jeff Golimowski
Lindsay Tuck


Melissa Blanock
Debbie Joa
Anna Krauthoefer
Alexa Leinaweaver


Jennifer Baker
AmyKay Boatright
Karen Sharp


Jessica Baker
Amy Kahler
Lynsey Vogeltanz