John Parnham
  • John Parnham
  • Guest Artist, Makeup Artist

John Parnham

John Parnham has been working in special makeup effects for film, television, and theatre since 1995.                                                                                                                                                         

Studio space in Canary Warf, London also.

Special Make Up Effects Artist

Recent Selected Work


I Remember April  Ubik Collective   2010


Song Of The Dead/Zombie the Musical  CCKProductions   2010


Mr & Mrs Love  Ubik Collective   2010


She’s A Zombie   CurryProductions   2009


6 Months 2 Days  Rob  Pritchard   2009


Um-Hussein/Son of Babylon    2008


Zomblies  (Realm Pictures)  2008           


Dead Outside  (MothCatcherFilms)   2008           


Weir Inn Estate  UBIK Collective Productions   2007


The Wish  Host Media Centre   2006


Bale Rue  Yorkshire Film School Electric Press   2006


The Lurking  Yorkshire Film School Electric Press   2006

Creep   Dan Films Ltd. Zero West Productions  Hybrid Enterprises    2003



Forever Young  TwentyTwentyTV - Channel 4  2008                                                                       

The Gadget Show  North one Television   2008                                                                            

Educational Casualty Simulation Film  Brian Cook Productions   2007

Fifth Gear  North One Television   2007                                                                                                                

Steel River Blues   Yorkshire Television    2004

Holsten Pils Commercial   Meltemi Productions  Hybrid Enterprises   2004

Celebrities Disfigured    Maverick Television/Channel 4  Hybrid Enterprises   2003/4

Steel River Blues  Yorkshire Television Hybrid Enterprises  2003

The Royal   Yorkshire Television  Hybrid Enterprises  2003

Nitty and Gritty    Border Television  2003

Disturbances   Meltemi Productions   2003

Ant and Dec's Saturday Might Takeaway  London Weekend Television Production/Granada Media,  Hybrid Enterprises  2001-2


Olympics Opening Ceremony  Olympic Committee/Jack Morton WorldWide, Hybrid Enterprises     2004  

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