Alex de Man '14

My work in WGS began with a Philosophy class, "History, Sexuality, and Power." Beginning with Marxist theory and finishing up with Beauvoir changed my outlook on life—I realized I had been a feminist all along, and now I had the opportunity to develop my voice. Originally, I became a WGS major because I found myself engaged and even enjoying the class time and work—I found that space I wanted to be in. Despite the criticisms of my choice from my peers, I knew that declaring WGS as my major would be in irreplaceable resource in working towards my goal of improving the conditions of this world. I realized the importance of feminist ideology and the role it plays in combating oppression. I realized that I was (and will be) in a position of sharing feminist ideology with those around me. My work in WGS has enriched my life with the possibility of change, of progress. Feminism has shaped my identity and sense of self in unimaginable ways—so much that I believe everyone should take up the opportunity to become a feminist, to align themselves with intersectional ideology, and to work towards making the world a better place.