Courtney Neubauer '14

Welcome to Women and Genders Studies!

My name is Courtney Neubauer, and I am a senior. Initially I was majoring in Sociology, but found that I was more at home within the WGS department and now I am in my senior year and couldn't be happier with my decision. Beyond academia I like looking at pictures of cute dogs and day dreaming about the day when I can have a dog friend that lives with me. Another of my interest is taking care of my plants, two of which I have been growing since they were seeds in my apartment. Lastly, I like having some creative outlets like singing in my car and recently, writing poetry.

This major has made not only a significant contribution to my education and ability to understand multiple and interlinked forms of identity. It has given me the ability to read and understand complex theory, and the ways in which they can affect my life. It also gave me the language in which I could talk about my own experiences in a way which can link me to my history, with intention and purpose. The professors in this major have been invested in my development as a student and as a person, and through WGS I was have grown so much. My good friend Chanel Sulc was also a major influence in showing me the possibilities of the major, and I continue to be in contact with her even though she has graduated. She showed me the community which can be created within the major. She also introduced me to the Students for Feminism club which I am now director for. I encourage everyone to look into the major if you think you might be interested in it, and tap in to the amazing community that is created within the major!