Marissa Parr '14

Hometown: Jefferson OR

Hobbies: Sorority, Reading, Movies, Camping, Shooting

Why WGS: A someone who was interested in social work and working with troubled youth, WGS seemed like the fit I was looking for. The faculty showed true interest in the department and were honestly interested in what we had to say and the changes we could make The faculty demonstrated how much was possible through WGS and the different perspectives one could take. I often come at it with a more sociological prospective and still feel connected with every member of the department. After taking several WGS geared courses, but before I declared, I started to realize that I had found my niche and wanted to work with an amazing group of people who also had this amazing drive. About Me: I grew up in a small farming town in Oregon with two brothers and happily married parents. I chose Willamette because it reminded me of the small town community that I found back at home. Even though home was only 20 miles away I wanted to find a community where I felt like I was recognized, not just another number among the sea of faces. I ended up joining one of the sororities on campus, which was no where near my plan when coming to Willamette, and have kept busy with various campus events. My goals are to work with abused women and children either through social work or legal proceedings. Having worked with troubled youth since middle school I have a passion to helping children and youth better their lives even when it means jumping through every hoop along the way.