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Community Mentor (CM)

The Community Mentor position affords a unique opportunity to participate in the education and development of undergraduate students. Through effective mentoring and group advising, CMs help students develop into self reliant individuals who are also good citizens. The overall responsibilities of the position are summarized in the general philosophy.

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University Representative (URep)

University Representatives (UReps) serve as live-in staff for Residence Life in WU Fraternities. Compensation includes a two room apartment and a C Meal Plan. This is a 10 month contract with Residence Life and Willamette.

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Residence Life Intern

The Residence Life Intern position affords a unique opportunity for past Community Mentors (CMs) and University Representatives to help achieve the goals of the Office of Residence Life. This leadership position serves as the "next step" for returning RAs looking for opportunities for advancement. It also offers the experience of working to strengthen relationships between residents, CMs, Area Coordinators, and the ORL central staff. Finally, the Intern works as a vital part of the central staff, working on projects necessary to help the ORL reach its goals.

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House of Hall Representatives (HHR)

Prime Minister, Representatives

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Hall Councils

More information available upon request.

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Tunnel of Oppression

Student organizer (in partnership with Community Service Learning)

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