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Outreach Grants

Do you want to make a difference in the community? An Outreach Grant can help! The goal of Outreach Grants is to connect students with service opportunities and assist them in enriching the meaning of the experience through reflection.

Download The How-To Apply Guide & Checklist HERE!

Funding for service includes:

  • Transportation
  • Supplies (paint, trash bags, books, etc.)
  • Copying and publicity
  • Snacks for volunteers during the service experience

Who is eligible for this grant?

Outreach Grants of $300 annually are available to:
  • Any group of 6 or more students, e.g.
    • Sororities and fraternities
    • Student clubs and organizations
    • Residence halls

Requirements and Procedures

  • Each  group of students is eligible for up to $300.
  • Projects should be new; Vocational Exploration in the Career Center funds no previously established service projects.
  • Projects must provide direct service to the community (no fundraising or goods donations).
  • Two reflection activities are required as part of the service project:
  • Before students begin the service, students or the site must provide information to participants describing why service is needed in the area selected.
  • Immediately after the service, students must conduct a reflection activity with the group. Post-service reflection assists all participants in understanding how and why their work is significant to participants and those they served.
  • Reflection need not be complicated or difficult. Resources are available to assist students in designing this crucial component. See the Career Center website or visit with Jeani Bragg for more ideas.
  • An application via the Google form link must be submitted to Jeani Bragg 4 weeks (and no later than 2 weeks) before the service date. A budget request for via the Google link is also required for funding approval.
  • Schedule an appointment with Jeani Bragg to talk about advisor approval requirements.
  • The advisor application approval must be returned to Jeani Bragg for final approval no less than 2 weeks prior the event.
  • A post-service evaluation must be submitted by no later than 1 week after the event.

Budget Procedures:

  • Upon final approval of the grant, the project organizer must meet with Jeani Bragg to discuss financial arrangements.
  • To be reimbursed for the expenses of the project, original receipts must be submitted to Jeani Bragg in the Career Center within 1 week of the event.  
  • Digital pictures of the event must be sent to the Vocational Exploration in the Career Center within 1 week of the event.


  • Greek organizations may not advocate for their fraternity or its mission during the service project. They may not recruit members at any point during service or reflection. For clarification on this point, please contact Jeani Bragg.
  • Clubs may not advocate for the mission of the club within the parameters of this grant. For clarification on this point, please contact Jeani Bragg

How can I get help?

The Career Center considers the grant application process a learning opportunity for students and offers support to students as they work through the process of applying for funding.  Contact Jeani Bragg, Director of Vocational Discernment and Leadership Development at jbragg, call Jeani at x6296, or visit the Career Center (UC3).

Thank you for your interest in making a positive impact on our students, our community, our world!

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