University Convocation

Spring Semester, 2014

Thursdays, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Cone Chapel, Waller Hall (unless otherwise noted)

The University Convocation series is planned by the students of IDS 202 ("Convo: Campus/Community/Cosmos") so the schedule is under constant development throughout the semester. These are the programs scheduled to date.

January 16
"Race and Racism 201: A Beginner's Guide "
American Ethnic Studies Faculty Panel:

Sammy Basu (Politics)
Seth Cotlar (History)
Jonneke Koomen (Politics)
Emily Drew (Sociology)

Wondering how to contribute productively to discussions of race and racism? American Ethnic Studies faculty, representing various departments, will offer some basic guidance for respectful dialogue and avoiding offense of your classmates, professors, and friends. Come hear your questions answered and learn some tips for antiracist language and listening skills.

January 23
"Developing a Legacy - One Green Dot at a Time"
Carli Rohner, Director of Community Education

There is a space for everyone in creating a legacy of change at Willamette. Find out how you can use your individual moments (even two minutes!) to generate "green dots" and create a culture of non-violence at WU. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

A new addition to the Willamette community, Carli Rohner is a long-time resident of the Willamette Valley. As a wellness educator, she is passionate about developing communities that are enriching and safe for all members and loves working within the vibrant culture of higher education.

January 30
"Taking a Stand: Confronting Bullying on the College Campus"
Popular culture and media portray bullying as an epidemic restricted to the elementary school years, yet ignore the realities of this behavior in later years. Join us as we discuss the reality of bullying on our campus and how we can address it.
February 6
"Sochi 2014: Olympic Controversy"
Sarah Bishop, Assistant Professor of Russian
Curious about the 2014 Winter Olympics? Interested in the facts behind the political tensions and rumors? Want to find out where in the world Sochi is? Join us this week for a multimedia presentation about the Sochi Olympics and the issues and controversies surrounding the event.
February 13
"How Far Would You Go to Change Your World"
Maren Grainger-Monsen, M.D.

Using clips from a number of her films, physician/filmmaker Maren Grainger-Monsen will explore the power of filmmaking for social change and discuss her career as a physician and filmmaker.

Maren Grainger-Monsen is a physician, filmmaker-in-residence, and director of the Program in Bioethics at the Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics. With Nicole Newnham she co-produced the award-winning Sundance documentary The Revolutionary Optimists, which she also directed. She studied film at the London International Film School, received her medical doctorate from the University of Washington, and completed a residency in emergency medicine at Stanford.

February 20
"Madiba's Gift: The Impact and Legacy of Nelson Mandela"
Professor Andries Fourie & Student Speakers to be Determined

Professor Fourie will speak about Mandela's importance to South Africa and his legacy. We will then hear from four students who will speak about Mandela's impact on them and the world. The Convocation will close with a moderated discussion about Mandela's political and historical impact and the ways in which we can honor his legacy through service, activism, and by dedicating ourselves to his spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.

John Comaroff, who was originally scheduled to speak, is unable appear.

February 27
"What's the Future of Study Abroad at Willamette?"

Bill Smaldone (Academic Council)
Kris Lou (International Education)
Amara Fanucci
Ian Kline
Lizzy Smith

What's the purpose of studying abroad and is there one right way to do it? Come and share your opinion about how Willamette's study abroad program should be shaped.

March 6
"The Polar Vortex and the Climate Change Phenomenon"

Karen Arabas (Environmental and Earth Sciences)
Joe Bowersox (Environmental and Earth Sciences)
Brian Gross (Economics)

Have you ever started a conversation with a typical comment about the weather? Have you wondered what impact the polar vortex has had on our economy? Was it a result of climate change? What impact does the growing global population have on climate? Join us to bring your weather expertise to a whole new level. Our panel will discuss climate change and how it is impacting the environmental, political, and economic spheres.

March 13
"Queer Climate on Campus"
Student Panel

Katie Buonocore
Nina Nolen
Andrés Oswill
Dylan Sheldon

Come and hear students discuss their LGBTQ experiences on campus - what is going right, what can be improved, and what we can do to help.

Are there enough resources for queer students? What can we do to improve the LGBTQ climate on this campus? These are some of the questions we hope to answer.

March 20
"Continuing the Conversation"

Facilitated by Karen Wood
Resourced by Students for Feminism
Everyone is welcome!

Got questions following Jackson Katz's lecture at WU on Tuesday evening? Want to process what you heard?

Come to Convo for context, conversation and consideration about feminism and anti-violence advocacy, and how we engage these issues on campus.

March 27
No Convocation - Spring Break
April 3
The Big C: What Can Cause Cancer and What You Can Do About It

Members of the WU chapter of Colleges Against Cancer have invited Grant, a cancer survivor, and Becky, his mother, to campus to discuss questions like:

  • What can cause cancer?
  • What can you do to protect yourself?
  • How do you support someone who has been diagnosed with cancer?
  • What kind of research is being done on cancer?
  • Where does money raised through "Relay for Life" go?
April 10
"Do You Know Your Rights? - What You Need to Know When Dealing with Law Enforcement"
Jonathan Grindell, Student, WU College of Law
Join us for an interactive look at various situations in which you may need to interact with police. What would you do? What should you know about your rights and legal obligations in such a situation?
April 17
"Is This Safe to Eat? p A conversation about Food Safety"
with guest Chris Linn, Bon App├ętit Operations Manager

Join us for a discussion of a variety of food-related issues – from knowing the source of our food to safe handling of food in its preparation and storage to ways to improve your diet and more.

April 24
"A Cappella-Palooza!"
Come to a demonstration-performance of a cappella singing by some of Willamette's vocal ensembles at the last Convocation of the year! We might be outside if the weather's nice.

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