Office of Rights and Responsibilities

Student Conduct Boards

For a description of the conduct process, please reference the Student Rights & Responsibilities.

Conduct Boards

All conduct boards are in the process of being formed.  If you would like to be part of a board, please call 503-370-6212


  • To Be Determined
  • Janae Brewster,  Advisor and Commons Coordinator


  • To Be Determined
  • Christopher Toutain,  Advisor and Commons Coordinator


  • To Be Determined
  • Jess Varga,  Advisor and Commons Coordinator

Support Staff

  • Elizabeth Trayner,  Director of Residence Life
  • Lori Johnson, Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Tori Ruiz, Office Coordinator
  • Jess Varga, Kaneko Commons Coordinator
  • Janae Brewster,  Eastside Commons Coordinator
  • Christopher Toutain, Westside & Cornerstone Commons Coordinator