Financial Aid

Willamette MBA Tuition & Fees

Full-Time Program

Tuition for 2014-15 for students enrolled full-time in the Willamette MBA program for early career and career change students (includes MBA, JD/MBA, BA/MBA, and Accelerated programs) will be $18,070 per semester or $36,140 for the academic year.
Estimated Expenses for 2014-15
Full-Time Tuition (academic year) $36,140
Student Body Fee $80
Books $1,200
Health Center Fee $100
Health Insurance (12 months coverage)* $2,586
Living Expenses* $8,000 to $12,000
Total Estimated Educational and Living Expenses for 2014-15* $48,056  to $52,056

* The estimated budget for full-time MBA students includes the estimated costs of tuition, books, fees, health insurance and living expenses (living expenses include room, board and personal expenses). Tuition, books and fees are common costs among students. Living expenses vary with the lifestyle choices of each student. The cost of health insurance can be waived if you have comparable coverage. For complete information about health insurance visit the student health insurance web page.

Students are also required to have a laptop computer. The cost to purchase the required laptop can be included in your financial aid budget. Tuition generally increases each academic year. The second year of study also includes a $50 fee for renting graduation regalia.

MBA for Professionals

September 2014 and January 2015 Cohorts

$5,550 per class
$11,100 per semester (two classes per semester)
$66,600 total program cost (twelve classes; two years)

Your tuition rate is consistent for six consecutive semesters, beginning with your semester of entry. Courses enrolled and completed after the original six consecutive semester period will be assessed the tuition rate of the current academic year.