Health Services

Kaiser Permanente/Group Health Plans Information

Students who are enrolled in Kaiser Permanente or Group Health with a reciprocal relationship with Kaiser Permanente medical insurance plans are eligible to waive the WU Student Health Insurance Plan.  In order to waive the WU Student Insurance plan the student must obtain an OREGON ID number from Kaiser Permanente  Member Services 800-972-7207. Students are also eligible to receive services at Bishop Wellness Center at Willamette just as any student enrolled half time or more.

Generally, Kaiser and Group Health will not pay for covered expenses (office visit, medicine prescriptions and diagnostic testing such as labs, x-rays, CT scans, etc.) unless they are ordered by a medical provider within their system.  This may be an important consideration when you need medical care. If you are unsure about whether the evaluation of your problem might result in charges, talk with the staff at Bishop Wellness Center when scheduling or during your appointment.  Some students may choose to go directly to Kaiser Permanente, and some may choose to be seen at Bishop Wellness Center and pay “out of pocket” for any incidental charges incurred here. We do not charge an office visit fee to be seen by our staff but do charge for medications, lab work and supplies.

The Group Health and Kaiser Permanente Consulting Nurse is also another option for advice.   You should contact the local medical office during regular hours.  Salem:  Call 503-361-5400 for an appointment or to speak to an advice nurse. There are several office locations within Salem to choose from and the hospital Kaiser Permanente utilizes in Salem is across the street from campus.

If you have Group Health, contact Member Services at Kaiser Permanente to receive an Oregon medical ID number.

Salem Appointment, Advice Nurse and Member Services Number:  503-361-5400 or 800-972-7207.

For further information about Kaiser Permanente go to their website.