Human Resources

Financial Planning

Full-time benefit eligible employees of Willamette University are eligible for a two-hour financial planning consultation by a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) each year. However, under IRS rules please note that the two-hour consultation fee is considered taxable income to the employee.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this benefit with Willamette alumnus, you may contact Judith Heltzel, or Barry Nelson with Capital Financial Planners to arrange an appointment. Judith Heltzel, MM, CFP, is a graduate of The Atkinson School and has been helping individuals manage their financial affairs since 1984. Barry Nelson, CFP is also an alumnus of the University and has been with Capitol Financial Planners since 2001. Their approach is educational and supportive and each client receives personalized attention and a plan tailored to the client's goals and needs. Please note, additional services beyond the two-hour financial planning session paid for by the University are fee-based and so you may incur charges, but never without prior agreement between you and Capital Financial Planners.

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