Human Resources

Mass Transit Expense Reimbursement Program

This benefit exists under our Section 132 Transportation Program. Section 132 is the part of the tax code that enables you to pay your parking fees here at Willamette with pre-tax dollars. Within this same tax code exists a provision for paying for commuter mass transit expenses with pre-tax dollars, and this provision is now available to Willamette faculty and staff.

As with the parking program, mass transit expenses paid through the Transportation Program are withheld from paychecks prior to the application of federal and state income tax as well as FICA (Social Security and Medicare tax), and can save commuters who use qualified mass transit up to 30 cents on each dollar put through the plan. The law allows up to $ 230 per month in qualified mass transit expenses to be submitted through this program.

Like the Flexible Spending program for medical and dependent care expenses, monies withheld from your paycheck are held in a custodial account by eflex Group until you submit a request for reimbursement along with a receipt showing your mass transit expenses.

The plan year for this program will be the same as our parking program, which runs from April 1st through March 31st of each year.

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