Human Resources

Required Employee Training

Title IX Training

Willamette University is a community committed to excellence in teaching and learning and, as such, seeks to foster a safe and respectful learning environment for all.  Willamette University will not tolerate violence, threats or intimidation, and we are committed to understanding issues of power-based personal violence and taking action to prevent and address them. Regular and comprehensive employee training is mandated under federal law (Title IX, Violence Against Women Act, Campus SaVE Act, etc.), and we believe ongoing training and education play a key role in our efforts to prevent violence and cultivate a campus culture that is welcoming, inclusive and safe for all.

All Willamette University faculty, staff, and student employees are required to complete the following training programs within the first 60 days of hire, and annually thereafter.

All Willamette University faculty, staff, and student employees are required to take FERPA Training within 60 days of hire. 


New Willamette University staff are required to receive an orientation within the first 60 days of hire. 

Upcoming Events & Development Opportunities

Cool off!

All WU Employees are invited to the Jackson Plaza Ice Cream Social on September 13, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.

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Volcanoes Baseball Night!

All WU students, employees, and alumni - and their families - are invited to meet at the Volcanoes Stadium on September 23, for a WU family night of baseball. 

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Employee Resources

Willamette Human Resources is committed to serve our staff and faculty by providing essential training and development resources to enable them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

If you would like to set up a consultation or a training session for your department, office, or an individual, please contact Wendy Gleason.