Human Resources

Professional Development Committee

The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to nurture vital skills that promote and enhance professionalism, foster communication and human understanding, and contribute to the betterment of our community.

The Professional Development Committee is comprised of Willamette staff, with a charter to present the annual Professional Development Day and host staff appreciation events.

Membership on the Professional Development Committee is open to all Willamette University faculty and staff.  If you are interested in becoming a member, email Wendy Gleason, .


  • Wendy Gleason, Manager of Training, Development, & Work Culture Programs, HR
  • Kindra Jordan, Director of Travel Services, Travel Center
  • Reyna Meyers, Administrative Assistant, College of Law
  • Connie Ralph, Career Programs Coordinator, Career Services
  • Desiree Vorhees, Recruiter-Admission Counselor & Full Time MBA, Atkinson School
  • Leslie Whitaker, Administrative Assistant I, Eaton Hall
  • Veronica Ramos, Human Resources Coordinator
May 28, 2014
2014 Professional Development Day
Alumni Lounge
Robin Rose presents Build a Better Brain

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