Human Resources

Resources for supervisors in the management of their staff


We strongly encourage managers to read the policy manuals related to their area of responsibility from cover to cover. Willamette maintains all policy manuals on-line for ease of reference, but hard copy policy manuals are also available. Please contact Willamette Human Resources if you would like to receive hard copy policy manuals. 

Performance Management

Position Descriptions

Position Descriptions are key to communicating job duties and expectations, and serve a vital role in the Performance Management process. Human Resources is here to assist you in crafting legal, effective and comprehensive job descriptions and ensuring that University core values and expectations enter into each description. To get the process of designing a new position started, or to revise an existing one, use the Position Description Template, provided below.  The template includes a section for job-specific competencies necessary for success in the position.  You may simply list competencies, or provide a written "competency statement" describing competencies for the position.  A "competency library" is provided below to help you identify potential relevant competencies. 

Managing People

Can be one of the most rewarding, but challenging jobs you will ever do. Each employee, yourself included, is a unique individual, with different knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as goals, dreams, lifestyles, beliefs, family obligations, and backgrounds. We all can take comfort, however, in the reality that there is one thing that everyone has in common. All who work at Willamette share in the responsibility for accomplishing the mission and/or objectives of our departments and those of the broader organization. Your job as a manager is to help bring the best out of those who report to you, utilizing their unique skills, abilities and backgrounds to accomplish the goals of your department and the University.


Managers and Supervisors are often asked to provide references for former employees that fell under their supervision. It is Willamette's policy that no references may be given by Managers and/or Supervisors and if any are, such references are considered to be given in violation of this policy. All reference requests should be forwarded to Human Resources. HR will provide only dates of employment and positions.  If authorized in writing by the employee, HR will also provide salary, eligibility for rehire, and will provide information if an employee was displaced by layoff and/or reorganization.