Human Resources

Position Description Questionnaire

The PDQ process allows exempt and non-exempt staff employees and supervisors to describe the critical elements of work and responsibilities of jobs which become the basis of Job Description Specifications.

The PDQ process supports the overall compensation program development by:
  • Providing clearly defines roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Supporting the foundation of Willamette’s job structure by providing staff with clear job progressions
  • Supporting the development of consistent and appropriate use of job titling across Willamette
  • Developing accurate position descriptions help create precise assessments of Willamette’s market pay competitiveness across all positions
  • Defining how staff might develop towards their own professional/career goals and meet the needs of Willamette

IMPORTANT: If your Employee ID number is 0123456, you only need to enter 123456, do not include the zero in front of the number. 

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