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Salve! (/ ˈsælvi/ )  γειά σου!  (/ʝa SOU/ )  שלום    (/ʃaˈlom/)   

Welcome to the Classics Page! Here you will find every antiquity your heart desires!

There are resources for every classical language offered here at Willamette University, along with enthusiastic staffers who will help you find solutions for Ancient Greek, Ancient Hebrew, and even Latin language problems. At the LLC, the Classics stand among the modern romance languages in every respect.

The LLC offers various software programs such as Rosetta Stone, Bibleworks and Gramma for your independent language learning.

Bring some friends and come over to the World Languages Studio (Ford 101) to check out our new Classics board games!

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LLC Classics Blog

Ancient Roman History… In Game of Thrones! Check out this cool blog on the different parallels that can be drawn between the HBO drama and real Roman historical figures. Some really great cultural references going on in our media!

An Article About the Fall of Pre-Greek Empires I highly recommend reading this fascinating article that includes an awesome combination of science, history, and Classical studies.

Helpful Latin Study Sites Hello All, This is a site that I use to study Latin. It has a bunch of Latin games that were created by teachers around the world and shared in this community. The website for Latin Games (and you can search for specific ones) is Some of the ones I have found useful are the following [...]