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Regardless of your language level, we have something for you! Come by with your questions and our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff will find a resource that caters to your need.

Join My Russian Space on WISE for resources and help documents provided by the LLC. Every year we have a Language Assistant, a Russian native speaker, available for language practice. You can sign up for tutoring with your Language Assistant through WISE. For a step-by-step on joining WISE sites and signing up for tutoring, check out this document.

The LLC offers various software programs such as TellMeMore and Rosetta Stone for your independent language learning.

Planning on studying abroad? The LLC has put together a list of helpful resources and ideas of things you can be doing now to prepare you for your perspective country.

Bring some friends and come over to the World Languages Studio (Ford 101) to check out our new Russian board games!

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Russian Radio Hello fellow Russian enthusiasts! Did you know that you can listen to Russian rock on the local radio?  Every Sunday night from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, on KMUZ 88.5! You can listen to it streaming online here: And like the Russian classic rock hour on Facebook here!:

Finding Films and TV Shows in Russian Hello again!) Wanted to know a cool trick to help you find TV shows and films in Russian? Look up what you’d like to watch on Wikipedia Switch Wikipedia to Russian Copy and paste the title of your show/movie into a search bar Find your show/movie! This insures that you get the correct translation of the title of your entertainment. Just be [...]

Russian Through Music Listening to music in a foreign language can a great (and fun!) source of language review. It can enhance your vocabulary, pronunciation, grammer, and cultural understanding.  Plus, I have a crazy theory that it helps me do better on my Russian homework! With that, here is a list of wonderful Russian songs! I suggest you make a Youtube [...]

Russian Language Resources