Language Learning Center

Spanish Culture


  • Sí Spain
    This site offers an incredible wealth of historical, cultural, linguistic, and political information on Spain. An excellent site to review before visiting Spain.
  • Don Quijote
    This is also a large site, with information on a range of specific cultural topics, such as flamenco, bullfighting, languages of Spain, Spanish customs and more.
  • Masterworks of Antoni Gaudí
    A site on the incredible Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. Learn about him and take online visual tours of many of his greatest works.
  • Spanish Recipes
    Try your cooking skill at paella, flan, sangría and a number of other famous Spanish dishes.


South America

  • The History of Tango
    Here you can learn all about the origins of this Argentinean dance, and its development over the course of this century.
  • La Nueva Canción Chilena
    This is a very interesting and informative site about the cultural, political and musical movement in Chile during the 1960s and early 1970s. (in Spanish)